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Make Rakhi Celebration Delightful with Gifts and Flowers


Raksha Bandhan: a day to celebrate your sibling after all the tom and jerry games you have been playing. A bond between the brother and the sister is one of the most fun and sacred ones. You find the most joy in annoying each other yet when the time comes, you never hesitate to be there for each other.

You laugh, cry, fight, learn and grow together. The age difference doesn't matter for a sister or brother. You grow up together with shared experiences. You watch the same cartoons because one way or the other you have been forced to watch the other one’s favorite cartoon at a time, you play together, you try to sneak out of studying together and that’s how you grow together, by being there for each other.

And Raksha Bandhan is when you finally let down your guard that you have been hiding behind all the teasing and let each other know how much they mean to you. You know they are the best in the world and they deserve all the love you can give. So how about this Raksha Bandhan we join you in celebrating your love for your sibling? Shop online with us and make their Raksha Bandhan day the best with the most delightful gifts.

There is nothing better than a Rakhi that comes with chocolates!

If your naughty sibling is a chocolate lover, then the way to make the Rakhi celebration special is by adding chocolates as much as you can. Order online with us the perfect gift basket that has all the chocolate that they love. Undoubtedly chocolates are one of the best gifts that you can give on this special occasion of Rakhi. Rekindling your childhood memories with the chocolate bar that you always shared, a chocolate gift basket will bring all those good old days and what’s a better day than Raksha Bandhan to recollect them and have a good laugh?

Elevate the look of your chocolate basket look with adding some photographs of your siblings along with their favorite chocolate picks and go down the memory lane! With pickupflowers.com you can also surprise your sweet siblings if they are living far away from you! You can easily place your order online, and we’ll work together in making your sibling the happiest. Whatever your sibling’s favorite chocolate is, we got you covered, check out our collection and you can customize your gift basket.

Where flowers bloom so does hope- Make your Rakhi special with the best flowers for your sibling.

Can anything be more expressive than flowers? For this treasured expression of your promise to cherish your bond with your beloved sibling, the perfect gift with your auspicious Rakhi is of course flowers. Flowers have always been a symbol of love, hope and passion. The language of flowers is subtle yet elegant. They speak in volumes with their soft petals. And they soothe the souls that surround them with their exquisite beauty and charming fragrance.

 With exotic and bright flowers from around the world, we at pickupflowers.comcan provide you with the best floral arrangements that are thoughtful and compassionate just like the bond you have with your siblings.We have Red Gold Carnation, Mixed Carnation, Sunflowers, Roses, and an adorable admirer set.

Shopping with PickUpFlowers is easy, you can browse through the variety of options we have specially customized to fit the Raksha Bandhan festivities and make your Rakhi a memorable one. So with attractive prices, you can now share your heartfelt wishes of Rakhi with your sibling in the best way possible.

Rakhi hampers for that perfect gift - 

  1. Rakhi with Delightful gifts - for the delight of your loved one are what we all are looking for during the Rakhi season. So to serve you, we also have amazing combos of chocolates and flowers that come with an elegant Rakhi. And they are without any doubt the answer to all your gift worries about Rakhi this year.

  1. Rakhi with Chocolate Bouquets - And going beyond the conventionalities of gifting, we also have a very interesting bouquet that is sure to sweep your sibling's heart. It's a bouquet of your sibling’s favorite chocolate! A delicate bouquet made with a bunch of your favorite chocolate adorned with the perfect wrappings that give it a classic look.We have a special hamper of Ferrero Rocher that comes with Rakhi that is perfect for the occasion and joy of Raksha Bandhan.

Sometimes we all want to do a different thing for gifts, times have changed and your siblings have grown to become conscious of their health and you are proud about it. So naturally, you wish that your gifts reflected that too. The almond hampers with chocolates and a Rakhi and the dry fruits hamper with chocolates and Rakhiare then the perfect choice for you to gift them this year. Rakhi is about a promise to take care of each other and aren't healthy gifts the perfect start for that promise?

  1. Favorite Cartoon Rakhi for Kids  - If you are someone who is looking for the cutest rakhi gifts for your little one, then we got that covered too. Check out our perfect Ben10 and Chota Bheem Rakhi collections and order them online to join your cute little one for this year’s Raksha Bandhan! And for the superhero that your sibling is, check out our new arrival Batman Rakhi to up the festive vibes.

Believe in our trusted services, and we can make this Rakhi a very memorable one with the most beautiful gifts that will help celebrate your love and cherish the bond you have with your sibling.