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  • What Do The Different Colours Of Gerbera Daisies Mean?

What Do The Different Colours Of Gerbera Daisies Mean?

What Do The Different Colours Of Gerbera Daisies Mean

Gerbera daisies are one of the widely admired varieties of flower. These gorgeous blooms that come in a range of shades are believed to be instant mood-lifters. A beautiful gerberas bouquet, when presented to someone special can immediately bring a happy curve on the face.

You can easily find these stunning flowers at your nearest flower shop. You can even call for online flower deliveryof gerbera daisies to gift it to your loved ones. However, before gifting, you must know about the different shades of these lovely flowers as well as understand the meaning behind each colour. In this article, we will find out what the different colours of gerbera daisies signify. Let’s begin.

  1. Orange Gerberas:

    The bright orange colour in gerbera daisies suggest a warm and cheerful message. These flowers are appropriate for both, new and old friends as they represent friendship and the joy, warmth and happiness they bring into your life. Gifting a bouquet of orange gerbera daisies to someone is like giving them the gift of vigour, enthusiasm and sunshine.
  2. Red Gerberas:

    Red is famously expressed as the colour of love and passion. Generally associated with red roses, this colour signifies deep love in almost all flower varieties including red gerberas. Thus, these flowers should be gifted to your partner in order to show your affection towards them.
  3. Pink Gerberas:

    The colour pink in gerbera daisies stands for grace, compassion and admiration. The shade is typically sent across with get well soon messages or used to appreciate the efforts of someone. You can find different shades in pink gerberas also. Sometimes, these flowers may also symbolize love in a slightly flirtier, playful or spontaneous manner.
  4. Yellow Gerberas:

    Yellow gerberas also denote friendship. However, yellow flowers are generally sent to close friends with whom you share a deep and unbreakable bond. For instance, you can send these flowers to your close companions when you want to show your support during their tough times. Lastly, yellow gerberas can also be used to describe appreciation in workplace.
  5. Purple Gerberas:

    Purple gerberas signify class and elegance. If you send gerberas in purple colour to someone, it is a way to tell them that you find them graceful, alluring and refined in a way. Much like pink and red gerberas, purple daisies can also be used to indicate a romantic interest towards someone.
  6. White Gerberas:

    The colour white in flowers often indicates bliss and innocence. These flowers represent pure love and can be used as a token of gratitude. A gift of gorgeous white gerberas is like appreciating someone for being so pure and loyal. Such bouquets can be used for weddings as well.

Although different shades of gerbera daisies have different meanings, these flowers are overall considered to be very bright and cheerful. They can instantly lift someone’s mood as well as express your emotions for them. You can opt for a gerbera flower delivery to make sure these lovely blooms reach your loved ones right at their doorstep.

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