Mixed Bouquet Ideas For A Spring Wedding

Mixed Bouquet Ideas For A Spring Wedding

Weddings are a special occasion – not just for the couple getting married but for their friends and family too. Weddings around the world have different customs and traditions and are quite fun. However, one thing that most weddings, irrespective of their country, have in common is flowers. Flowers and weddings are like two sides of the same coin and flowers are used extensively in weddings all over the world. From decorating the wedding venue to adorning the bride’s hairdo, etc; they find themselves quite useful. If there is a wedding amongst your family and friends in the coming spring and you are thinking of taking along a flower bouquet, let us advise you to take a mixed bouquet and delight the wedded couple. Here are a few ideas for getting a mixed flower bouquet made for the coming spring wedding.

  • The combination of red and white looks ethereal and you could use this colour combination in your mixed flower bouquet too. Choose some red roses and white lilies to make this combination. You could even add a dainty vase to go with it or just get it wrapped in a beautiful paper.
  • If you want to go all out and mix and match all possible colours, you could get a bouquet made from lilies, carnations, daisies, lisianthus flowers. The bouquet will remind the wedded couple of the summers.
  • If you want to stick to pastels, combine some gerberas in soothing colours and get a mixed bouquet made.
  • Orchids look very royal and elegant and you could get a mixed bouquet made using these beautiful flowers. You could combine orchids with roses or lilies or any other flower of your choice.

You could get the mixed flower bouquet made at your nearest florist and take it along with you for the wedding ceremony. Or if you cannot attend the wedding of your loved one but want your wishes to reach them, then you could even get the mixed flower bouquet to get delivered through a trusted delivery service. The leading online gifting websites have many kinds of flower bouquets for gifting and you could choose any of them for sending across. Or you could even get a mixed flower bouquet made of your choice from these leading websites.

Have never used these gift delivery websites earlier and wary of their service? Well, the leading ones are a trusted name in the industry and have been in the business for quite a few years. You can place your order from any corner of the world and at any time. Placing an order at these websites is child’s play too. Customers just have to select the appropriate gift that they want to gift and place their order by making the payment. Most of the leading websites accept multiple modes of payment, so you can pay for it in any way that you like. These websites deliver to all major towns and cities in the country and even internationally, so just enter the address you want your flowers to be delivered and it will be done on your specified date and time.

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