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10 Popular Mother's Day Bouquets To Send This Year


Mother’s day is around the corner and those of you who live away from home are already thinking about ways to surprise your mothers on their special day. Needless to say, every day is Mother’s Day and mums should be made to feel special each and every minute of their lives. However, a dedicated day to celebrate their role in our lives and to pay gratitude is a good way of making them feel precious and say “thank you”.

Irrespective of whether you are away or near your mom, if you are planning to make her feel special on 12th of May, you can consider a small trip with your mom, or getting her gift baskets, books, flowers etc. A flower bouquet especially is your best choice to start the day and to fill your mother with a sense of joy and refreshment. With online bouquet delivery, even if you are not present in your mum’s city, you can send your love to her. Make sure you place the order ahead of time.

Here, we have some suggestions for your Mother’s Day bouquet delivery:

  1. Tulips

  2. Tulips come in many colours. You can either add different colours of tulip in the bouquet or you can just keep it to one colour that your mom loves. As we know, different colours represent different personalities, so depending on the colour that suits your mum the best, you can pick. Tulips are also spring flowers, so apart from Mother’s Day, your mum will also feel a spring in her steps with these cheerful blooms.
  3. Carnations

  4. Carnations are considered calm and feminine flowers. If your mother’s personality type is mellow, calm and polite, carnations will for sure brighten up her day. Carnations also have a very soothing vibe attached to them. Most mothers are also like that for their kids, aren’t they?
  5. Roses

  6. Red roses are the best way to win over anyone, including mothers. For a classy and sophisticated vibe, you should choose red roses but even roses of other hues such as yellow and pink have their own unique charm. Make your mother feel on top of the world with a rose bouquet delivery for her.
  7. Orchids

  8. If your mom loves elegance and poise, choose pink orchids for Flower Delivery . Orchids are perfect representations of purity, innocence, and grace; just like mother-children relationships.
  9. Lilies

  10. A bouquet of lilies will surely make your mum super happy. More so, if her personality is very compassionate and empathetic. You can also consider white lilies if your mom likes everything subtle.
  11. Poppies

  12. If your mom loves newness and is always hosting parties, poppies will be your best choice for her. Gift this bouquet to bring her best side out.
  13. Daffodils

  14. Daffodils are for the free-spirited. If your mother has a creative mind and she is inclined towards art, craft or travel, a daffodil bouquet will lift her mood for sure.
  15. Sunflowers

  16. Sunflowers represent strength and femininity. If your mum is a strong-headed power woman who can juggle personal and professional life like a pro, sunflowers are perfect for her.
  17. Alstroemerias

  18. Usually, alstroemerias are gifted to friends. If your relationship with your mother is that of a friend, alstroemerias would suit this occasion the best.
  19. Gerberas

  20. Gerberas have the power to bring anyone’s inner child out. When you have a mother with a cheerful heart who finds joy in little things in life, gift her gerberas. They come in multiple hues and are very positive looking.

So, avail a bouquet delivery service after deciding what flowers would be best for your mother on her special day. Do not forget to send a personalized note along with the flowers, as after all, mums deserve all of this and much more!

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