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Number Of Roses Signify When You Are Gifting Your Wife

Number Of Roses Signify When You Are Gifting Your Wife

Are you trying to rekindle the somewhat faded romance between you and your wife after years of being together in the matrimonial bond? Well, the best way to go about it is to present her a dozen red roses. The flower has mesmerised people by conveying the message of inter-personal love and affection. Presenting roses to someone is the best way to show your care and respect for them.

Colour is not the only factor to be considered while choosing the flower to be gifted to your wife. You will be amazed to know that the number also plays a key part here. Take a look at the following details before calling the florists for a dozen red roses deciding on your pick for your wife may rediscover your love for her afresh and anew.

A lone rose:

Gifting a single rose to the beloved is one of the post poetic and romantic gestures that lovers since time immemorial followed. A single red rose depicts the meaning, “it was love at first sight”. By gifting a single red rose to your wife, you can certainly revive the boy in you who was once awestruck by the sheer beauty of this special woman of your life when you met her for the first time.

Two and three roses:

Now, these are two stages. When you two roses to your wife, it means you are in love with her deeply and the feeling contains your entire being. Gifting three roses means, “I love you”. You can surprise her by conveying your affection for her every once in a while by gifting a tiny yet sweet bunch of three roses and therefore declaring your love for her.

Five roses and 13 roses:

This is a widely popular belief that all lovers must be good friends first and gifting five roses to your wife express this meaning that, “you are a good friend of mine”. Five roses reflect a loving companionship and also hold the promise of being together amid hurdles. Similarly, if you gift 13 birthday roses, it means, “we are friends forever”.

24 roses:

Your wife will be surely impressed by this gesture if you give her a bunch of 24 red or pink roses. Giving your woman 24 blossoms means that, “I think about you 24x7”. So, 2 dozen red roses is always the lucky number while choosing roses for your special someone.

30 roses:

Trust plays a big role in any relationship and presenting 30 roses depicts the meaning that you are faithful and committed to your wife no matter what. So, express your trust and belongingness to your wife by choosing 30 Valentine’s Day roses.

40 roses:

A bunch of 40 roses shows that “my love for you is genuine and I will always cherish your presence in my life”. It also symbolises that you love the person for who they are.

50 roses:

If the number of roses in a bunch you gifted to yours spouse is 50, it means your love for your wife is unconditional.

66 roses:

A bunch of 66 red roses means, “Nothing will change my love for you.” Call your petals shop for a bunch of 66 long stem red roses delivery.

99 roses:

The number denotes “I will love you until I die”. You can contact your florist for long stem rose’s delivery for a customised bunch.

100 roses:

A bunch of 100 roses means, “I worship you and I am devoted to you”. Send roses same day her special occasion is for the best impact.

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