The characteristic feature of Plumerias is its exclusive fragrance which is at its peak during the night time.

Plumeria rubra forma acutifolia, a very popular Hawaiian Exotic Flower, commonly known as Plumeria, Lei flower, Frangipani or West Indian Jasmine, is the state flower of Northern Marianas. Plumeria flowers are widely used for making leis and hence the name Hawaiian Lei Flower.



Plumeria shrubs are umbrella shaped, with branches crowded at the trunk. The Plumeria corimbos are terminal with numerous very aromatic, showy flowers that are 5-8 cm in diameter. Plumeria flowers posses different colors with white flowers and frequently a yellow center or tricolor. The tube of the Plumeria corola is 1-2,5 cm in length, with a yellow base, cleared obovados, and pink lobes. The Plumeria's cylindrical follicles, are of 10-25 cm in length.

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  • Plumerias are native to the warm tropical areas of the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, South America and Mexico.
  • The Plumeria genus consists of mainly deciduous shrubs and trees that are 3-5m in height.
  • A single Plumeria tree can produce around 50-60 flowers, and grows to a height 35 feet.
  • Depending upon the shape of Plumeria leaves, Plumerias are divided into 3 major groups.
  • Plumeria (Plumeria acutifolia) leaves are alternating in the ends of the branches, elliptical-oblong to long-lanceoladas, 15-40 cm.
  • Plumerias' fragrance lures sphinx moths to pollinate the flowers.
  • The Plumeria flowers have no nectar, and simply dupe their pollinators, to pollinate them.
  • Plumeria flowers are used in garlands, banquets, table decorations.
  • Plumeria bark, leaves, flower bulb, flower seeds are all used in medicine.
  • When fully opened Plumerias are called shell-semi-shell or tulip types.
  • Growers consider Plumeria as the most perfect plant.
  • Plumeria is one of the best no maintenance plants in the world.

Northern Marianas islands is a group of 14 islands, about three-quarters of the way from Hawaii. Northern Marianas islands are located in the world's largest ocean, the Pacific ocean. The capital city of Northern Marianas islands is Saipan. The flag of Northern Mariana Islands was adopted on July 4, 1976.

  • The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) is in political union with the United States and is autonomous. The islands are united in allegiance to a central power but are not subordinate to it or to one another.
  • The islands are located east of the Philippines and south of Japan.
  • Total land Area of these islands is 184.17 sq mi.
  • The islands of Northern Marianas have a tropical marine climate.
  • The islands have over 350 kilometers of highways, and three airports with paved runways.
  • Ferdinand Magellan was the first person in 1521 who claimed these islands for Spain.
  • The economy of Northern Marianas benefits substantially from financial assistance from the United States.
  • The garment industry is the fastest growing industry in Northern Marianas islands.
  • The Carolinian stick dance is popular on the islands.
  • Natural hazards are active volcanoes, on Pagan and Agrihan; typhoons.
  • The Agricultural products are coconuts, fruits, vegetables; cattle.
  • Apart from garments, major industries are tourism, construction, handicrafts.