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How To Choose The Number Of Roses For Gifting?

How To Choose The Number Of Roses For Gifting?

The meaning of a flower is no longer only related to its color or type. Now, it is also decided by the number of flowers you choose to gift.

Roses are one of those flowers that are widely admired and appreciated. These stunning blooms seldom fail to win the heart of the recipient. Since, the different numbers of roses signify different meanings, how do you know if you should opt for a single red rose delivery or send a bouquet of roses?

To help you out, we have created this post that will help you understand what the different number of roses, i.e. from 1 to 50 mean.

  • 1 Rose: This is often given to those you love. It can be used to indicate love at first sight.
  • 2 Roses: Roses best express love and affection. Gifting 2 single roses is a way of showing your unconditional love for someone.
  • 3 Roses: 3 roses are the best way of saying ‘I love you’.
  • 4 Roses: This is a way of telling your partner that nothing can tear you both apart.
  • 5 Roses: Sending 5 roses is ideal if you want to show your friend or partner about how much you care for them.
  • 6 Roses: Gifting 6 roses to your partner is a subtle way of expressing that you wish to take your relationship to the next level. 
  • 7 Roses: 7 roses represent infatuation.
  • 8 Roses: Sending 8 roses to someone is a way to show your support. You can send a bunch of 8 to any friend or family member who is going through a tough time.
  • 9 Roses: This signifies eternal love. People often gift 9 roses to those with whom they wish to spend their entire life. 
  • 10 Roses: This is a great way of telling someone that they are perfect. 
  • 11 Roses: This implies ‘you are my special one’.
  • 13 Roses: This can either symbolize eternal friendship or a secret admirer.
  • 14 Roses: 14 roses are gifted to express that you are proud of someone. 
  • 15 Roses: If you are seeking for an apology, you can opt for a bouquet of 15 roses. 
  • 16 Roses: You can wish someone a great journey by gifting them 16 roses. 
  • 18 Roses: If you want to express your love to your wife,send roses in box to the count of 18 and give it to her on a special occasion. 
  • 19 Roses: This is the number of ross you give to someone for whom you plan to wait for. 
  • 20 Roses: This is symbolic of belief and sincerity. 
  • 21 Roses: You can show your commitment by sending them a fully bloomed bouquet of 21 roses. 
  • 25 Roses: This implies that you are wishing someone all the happiness and good luck. 
  • 30 Roses: 30 roses suggest faith. 
  • 40 Roses: You can gift 40 roses to someone who is truly special for you. 
  • 50 Roses: These denote unconditional love. 

So, now whenever you want to send red roses to someone, you can always decide on the ideal number that should be gifted. This will make sure that you can easily convey your true feelings and emotions to your loved one. 

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