Most Popular Occasions to Give Flowers

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Flowers have become an important part of celebrations. Since there is so much variety, you will most likely find a flower bouquet for practically every occasion. There are many inarguable reasons why flowers make the perfect gifts: they are universally well-liked, they convey a number of different messages, they look vibrant and bring a breath of fresh air to any place.

Whenever you’re stumped on the perfect gift to send someone, flowers will always be there for your rescue! They are a safe choice that anyone would appreciate, regardless of the gender and age of your recipient, as well as, the relationship you share with them.

However, there are some very popular occasions that herald flowers as the most obvious choice of gift. Even with another present all ready, a floral bouquet will be just the right accent to the gesture. Let’s look at the top 5 occasions where flowers would be welcomed as a great gift!


Birthday celebrations are not only incomplete without cake, but also without a gorgeous birthday bouquet. The best thing about flowers is that you can play it up or tone it down depending on the kind of relation you have with the recipient. If you’re celebrating your spouse’s birthday, some stunning birthday roses will prove incredibly romantic, for they denote love and passion.

Similarly, if you don’t know someone that well yet need to send them something out of formality, a white flower bouquet will be the right choice. Since you also get flowers dedicated to each month, you can make your choice depending on the birth month of your recipient.  For example, roses are for the month of June while Carnations are for January.


Weddings and flowers share an inseparable bond. Whether you like roses or lilies, flowers are the only acceptable, or let’s say, most appreciated centerpiece for the tables. When you’re going to someone’s wedding, you can never go wrong with a fresh flower bouquet in hand. Since every flower denotes a different message, do a little research before making your choice.

Wedding flowers bring love and prosperity so they are the most obvious occasion to present someone a stunning floral bouquet. Generally, peonies are considered a sign of good luck to give the happy couple your blessings for their new beginning.

3.Valentine’s Day

It is no surprise why the sale and price of roses spike on the proclaimed most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re a girl or boy, giving flowers is like an unwritten rule on this special occasion. While roses are the most obvious choice, you can choose a different route and give your loved one the type of flower that they like best.

You can even go creative and make a whole basket comprising an adorable teddy bear, some delicious chocolates, a love locket, and of course, flowers! Even in long distance relationships, you can schedule roses delivery to their doorstep from an online bouquet shop.


Get into the holiday spirit with flowers, symbolic of celebration. You can let your loved ones know that they are in your thoughts with some fresh flowers that will bring love and warmth to their homes. The options you can send are endless, however, generally, poinsettia and other flowers in red, white, and even gold are preferred.

Since you probably have plans for Christmas eve, don’t forget to take a fresh fruit basket along with some heartwarming flowers for the host as a way to thank them for the invitation.


No matter how big of a surprise you have planned for your sweetheart, no anniversary celebration is complete without that big floral bouquet that spells out I love you like nothing else. Since it’s a celebration of your love and commitment, red and pink roses would be the obvious choice.

However, now you can get flowers for the year that you two are hitting. As a general guideline, carnations are given on the first anniversary, cosmos on the second, sunflowers on the third and so on. Do a little digging and you’ll find the flower representative of your year.

Flowers are beautiful tokens of joy that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. While these are all important occasions to exchange flowers, do we really need a reason to send a fresh floral bouquet to our dear ones?  Schedule an online flower delivery and let someone know you really care.

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