Funeral Flower Arrangement Ideas With Orchids

Funeral Flower Arrangement Ideas With Orchids

Flowers are sent or presented at a funeral service as a mark of love and tribute to the deceased soul. Orchids are unique and distinctive blossoms that reflect thoughtfulness, calm and sympathy. Presenting a bunch of orchids at a funeral home is a perfect way to signify the grief of the near and dear ones of the individual who has passed away.

Orchids come in varied colours and sizes. Different types of floral arrangements, right from small to mid-size arrangements can be done out of this flowers that can be kept at a funeral home. The blossoms are quite unique to be used in any custom-made floral arrangements as well.

Pair succulents and anthurium with white orchids:

This is a simple yet elegant floral arrangement with varied shades of petals and textures combined together. The different heights of the plants add sheer beauty to the overall piece. Keep the colours light and soothing when choosing the blossoms. And you can easily present the bouquet at a funeral service.

Orchid terrarium:

This is a perfect choice if you are about to attend a funeral service in a family you have close association with. An orchid terrarium is a personalised piece where you can put your heart and soul while choosing the blossoms, plants, and moss among other such items. Just keep the arrangement light weight with two or three orchid plants with stems placed in a small glass jar. Add up small fern saplings, soil and mosses along with some round-shaped pebbles in the jar and you’re ready with the terrarium.

Classic orchids in antiques:

No other flower than white orchids look better when turned into an arrangement in an antique piece. If you are attending the funeral of someone very close and respectable, then go for this choice. Bunch of fresh white orchids look ethereal when placed in a silver antique container. You can put other stylistic elements in the container, such white satin ribbons or a small card conveying your heartfelt grief to the departed soul. This one is a timeless and traditional floral arrangement with orchid.

Use a basket:

Using baskets to manufacture an orchid arrangement is a very convenient and beautiful way of presenting flowers to somebody. These arrangements can be placed near the casket, or in any corner of the room where a family is hosting a funeral service. The shape of the basket can be anything with varied choices is available these days. But don’t make it too large. Considering this would be presented at a funeral, go for small and mid-size baskets with planter pot placed inside. Sky is the limited when you select you order flowers for funeral with orchids. 

Use a glass vase:

Narrow, long-necked crystal clear vases reflect sheer beauty and class. You can put a bunch of white, pink or light purple orchids inside the vase for they signify deeper love and bond to a person or the family you present this. Put some fragrant water and pebbles with soil at the bottom of the vase. This is one of the popular Victorian styles of orchid funeral flower arrangements that suits the taste of those with rich aesthetic sense.

Fern-orchid spray:

When you have less time to attend a funeral yet want to present something unique and classy at the service, then a fern and orchid bunch is the most convenient one to select. The fern and orchid combination doesn’t need any further elaboration for their widespread usage and popularity. The beauty, fragrance and comforting qualities of orchid have made this a popular blossom at funerals irrespective of nation, religion or faith or any such boundaries.

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