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Orchids: Why They Are The Best Flowers For Greeting?

Orchid flowers

There are several flowers that you can gift for greetings on various occasions but nothing looks as good as a bouquet of orchid flowers. Be it Christmas, Easter, an anniversary or a birthday, orchids suit all purposes and make for a great impression. Orchids aren’t just beautiful, they are also very distinctive and among the most diverse flowers. The popularity of these flowers can easily be contributed to various reasons, including the fragrance of the flower, its beauty, and the range of colours it is available in. Orchids have been featured by many artists in their paintings too. It is also worn as a corsage.

If you are planning to send orchid flowers to a loved one for a special occasion, here is a list of reasons why you should choose to send orchids with your best wishes-

Orchids are timelessly beautiful

Orchids are classy, poised and captivating. These beautiful colourful flowers look great indoors or on a sunny windowsill. Orchids come in various colours and types. These perennial flowers can either be gifted as a bouquet or can be used for arrangements during festivals and holiday season.There is also a whole range of sizes and species for you to choose from, based on the recipient's preference and tastes. Orchid flowers also have a great life expectancy.

Orchids are available in every colour of the rainbow

We all know that orchids come in various colours and every colour signifies a certain meaning. Whether it is the occasion, dynamics of your relation or just your mood, it’s most likely that there’s a colour of orchid to express it. It comes in all the hues of a rainbow, from pink to white to yellow to green! Even true blue orchids are available in the market, though they are a bit rare to find and expensive. Some international delivery websites can also send orchid flowers in dual colour combos like lavender and pink or green and yellow. This is just one of many reasons why orchids are the best flowers for greetings. They are so exotic and versatile.

Orchids have healing properties

In some cultures, orchids are considered sacred and are used for medicinal purposes to treat and cure coughs and lung-related illnesses. In ancient Greece, these flowers were associated with virility and male fertility. Women would eat orchids hoping to bear a son and expand the lineage. It is believed that even the Aztecs used to drink a mixture of vanilla orchid flowers with chocolate which helped them gain strength. So, orchids aren’t just beautiful to look at, they also serve a greater purpose.

Hope this helps you in picking the best orchid flowers whenever you have to send flowers to a close one in the near future. Orchids are low-maintenance, diverse and appropriate for every occasion.

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