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Bored Of Poinsettias? Here Are 6 Festive Flowers To Buy This Season


Love decorating your home with flowers but bored of seeing poinsettias everywhere you go? Or, want to gift flowers to spread the festive cheer, but cannot think beyond the Christmassy poinsettias? We have got you covered with all the best alternatives to the conventional festive blooms of poinsettias.

Add oodles of charm and a lot of festive cheer to your home with floral arrangements that catch the eye instantly.  Flowers can brighten up any room and make anyone entering that room happy. And now you can buy flowers online and stick to your budget as well. Here are some of the top six flowers that can effortlessly replace poinsettias and how!


Cyclamen are becoming increasingly popular as a flower for gifting as well as for decorating homes and offices. These are especially a great choice if you live in a colder place, as cyclamens grow beautifully in cooler temperatures. What’s great about this flower is that you do not have to stick to the traditional red colour but can also explore them in various other colours like purple, pink, white and even in a combination of white and pink. Plus, these flowers do not need to sit in water to stay fresh for a long time.


Get into a festive mood by gifting or decorating your homes with holly, just like the popular carol goes. These flowering plants with their pointy leaves are a sight to behold and truly bring in the festive cheer. Place a couple of them with their leaves over gift hampers to add a touch of Christmas. For decoration, holly can be hung in corners of the room, on the fireplace, and even on the door or with a wreath.


If the festive colour for you is red, then a bunch of azaleas are sure to impress you. Azaleas stand for elegance and abundance, two emotions that are also synonymous with all kinds of festivities. These flowers are bright and eye catching, making them ideal for decorations and for gifting both. Make a centrepiece of Azaleas in a wide mouthed vessel, suspending the blooms in water for impressing the onlookers. Or arrange them in a ginger man shaped vessel to add a bit of rustic touch to the festive mood.


If there is a flower that can be called the showstopper among all festive flowers, then it has to be amaryllis. A bouquet of the tri-coloured variants of amaryllis can take anyone’s breath away, especially when arrange with green fillers that offer the right contrast to make the flowers stand out. The bell shape of the flowers also adds an element of festivity. Amaryllis is an ideal choice of flower if you are looking for something exotic and attention grabbing for your bouquet or decorations.

White Chrysanthemums

The festive season brings joy and a ray of hope and what better than chrysanthemums to express these feelings. They stand for joy and optimism and look amazing even as a single piece. Line your windows with white chrysanthemums with fairy lights and blow the minds of your guests with the serene setting. Chrysanthemums are also known to represent love and longevity.


These cheerful bulb flowers are not just a visual delight but also can help ensure that the room they are placed in smell nice. These are ideal to be placed in living rooms, and the smell and sight of these flowers can have a soothing effect on your guests. The best way to display paperwhites is in an oversized container along with colourful pebbles.

Make sure you specify how many of each of these blooms you need when you buy flowers online so that you don’t fall short of them especially when you are buying them for decoration purposes. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get one or all of our favourite festive flowers and say goodbye to the boring old poinsettias. Happy holidays!

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