paula pryke

Paula Pryke is one of the world's leading floral designers, a successful author of the most stunning floral art books and a great teacher of floristry. Ms. Pryke is an inspiration to novices in floral art and experts alike. She is a master in the Art of Floral Design, and the Paula Pryke Flower School, established by her in London, attracts students worldwide. Paula Pryke provides serious thinking about mastering the art of floral design.

Paula Pryke has been at the cutting edge of floral designing for about two decades. Her exclusive and unique style has directly influenced the way in which the common households incorporate fresh flowers in in their homes. It is hard to find any interior without a floral display and Paula's flower courses arose from her desire to share her passion for flowers and to demonstrate her defining style in a way that can be easily re-created.

Paula Pryke wrote number of books (among the best sellers) in which she wrote the essentials of floral design, techniques etc. Some of her popular books on floral designing are:

  • Mastering the Art of Floral Design - This book is a great reference on floral arranging and is among the best sellers on the books front. The book by Paula Pryke is Packed with original ideas and invaluable techniques making it an inspirational sourcebook for flower arrangers of any level.
  • The Complete Book of Floral Design - This book presents Paula's unique approach to flower arranging and illustrates how her style has evolved, and shows how flowers are the finishing touch to any room or table setting. Combined with comprehensive information on techniques, step-by-step instructions and photographs, this is a practical guide to floral arrangements for the novice as well as an inspiration to the more accomplished florist. With this book, anyone can create memorable floral compositions that add color and style to any room.
  • Wedding Flowers - Wedding Flowers is the most beautiful, fully colored wedding book. Paula Pryke guides you through the floral plans that are required for the most important wedding days. Begining with helping you choose a theme for your wedding, Paula then looks at each element of the wedding in detail. From the bridal bouquet to the reception centerpieces, the bridesmaids' and othe attendents' accessoires to the cermony flowers, you are guided and inspired to find the style that is perfect for you.
  • Flowers, Flowers - This book creates a whole new aesthetic for flowers. Paula Pryke breaks the mold of conventional flower arranging so successfully that this visionary collection of arrangements gives real meaning to the term floral art. Her originality, ingenuity and dramatic use of raw materials are key to the strong visual impact, vibrancy and always perfectly harmonious arrangements she creates. Stunningly photographed, the book is both a rich sourcebook of fresh and stylish ideas and a highly practical guide enabling the amateur to create dozens of artistic arrangements.
  • Living Color - Living Color demonstrates, step-by-step, how to create the kind of professional flower arrangements to accessorize and transform your living space, infusing it with color and style. Beginners and amateurs alike can easily achieve the same polished creations.
  • Wreaths and Garlands - In this rich book, Paula Pryke creates more than 50 wreaths and garlands for all occasions using flowers,fruit, and other decorations with stunning results. With chapters on Room Decorations, Seasonal Wreaths, Culinary Themes, and Celebrations, there is something for everyone..