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How To Pick Rose Colours To Convey Your Feelings To Your Husband

How To Pick Rose Colours To Convey Your Feelings To Your Husband

Roses come in many colours and varieties. Each of these colours has a different meaning and represents a different emotion in a relationship. It is almost as if roses have a language of their own. One could send a bunch of roses to their near and dear ones and the flower itself would be message enough. This is primarily why we send roses to our lovers as well.

If you are looking for beautiful love language to express your feelings, this article will help you understand the meaning different roses convey. This will help you choose the most appropriate colour for your forever lover, i.e. your husband. So, read the guide below before you send flowers for him to ensure you convey your feelings in just the right way.


These vibrant roses symbolise deep and passionate love. The colour red is emblematic of romance in a relationship. It is a high-energy colour that relates to passion in every possible way. If you want to boost the romance in your marriage, these are the flowers to pick. These will help you express strong emotions and feelings for your husband in a graceful way. A gorgeous bunch of red roses will help you reignite the spark in the relationship and keep the passion alive.


These roses are not related to romance or love at all. They are always associated with friendship. Unless you are specifically looking for flowers to thank your husband for being your closest confidant you might want to pick a different colour. Yellow roses are beautiful and great to show your appreciation and can be a wonderful gift if given to the right person. These roses are best suited for gifting to your friends.


This is the colour of joy and love. This colour in flowers is perhaps the best way to say “I appreciate you”. It represents young, heavenly and innocent love that is yet to blossom into something more erotic. A bouquet of pink roses to your husband is a way of telling him that being around him is pure bliss. It is a great choice for expressing your appreciation for everything your husband does for you.


The colour white represents innocence and purity. White roses stand for youthful and blissful love. If you and your husband are going through a tough phase in life, you can opt for a flower delivery of white roses to comfort them and tell them that you are always there for them.


This is the colour of magic. It is a special colour that showcases enchantment with a lover. You can send a bunch of lavender roses to your husband to express the charm of your relationship. You can use this colour to show the electric love affair and the enticing bond that you share with each other and how much you value it.


It is a bright colour that rightly combines red and yellow. These beautiful roses are an outstanding choice to give to your husband, especially if you wish to reveal a desire to move from one stage of the relationship to another. It is a great way of telling your partner that he is worthy and that you hope to be connect with him on a deeper level.

Now that you know the language of flowers, it’s time to find a nearby florist and get your husband a gorgeous bunch of roses to express your feelings for him.

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