How To Plan A Party With Your Favourite Flowers


Besides an appetizing and finger licking meal, a party also speaks volumes about beautiful embellishments and fresh blossoms that decorate the occasion making it picture perfect!! This article covers all the things you should keep in mind while planning your next party in which you intend to keep flowers as the main decorative theme. It is just astounding how flowers can enrich the ambience of any event, and hence are a very important part of your to-do list.

Why use flowers?

Nothing says special more than beautiful flowers when they are arranged to your pleasure in your home or whichever space you wish to deck for your party. When it comes to the interior ornamentation, using fresh flowers can make a huge difference.

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Roses are extra special

When a variety of flowers bloom around us, they make our spirit warm and cosy. But most people will always cast their vote for the rose. We all know that a rose symbolizes love and romance, and it is certainly a very popular wedding flower too. Gorgeous with a bit of a splurge, this flower gives the hint of a very special occasion. Available in multiple hues, the rose couples well with any flower and can be used to create exotic masterpieces. It is also a bit sturdier than other florets, so they are ideal for boutonnieres, corsages, and highly-sculptured arrangements. Chiefly used to show love, roses don’t just make for a beautiful statement, but also a meaningful one. You can order flowers for delivery at anytime of the day now, based on your convenience.

Going ahead with flowers

Whether it is a wedding party, baby shower or even a birthday party, floral arrangements can lend a touch of freshness and colour. And if you plan to use roses, there are many colours like red, pink, yellow and lavender to pick from, to create a positive vibe. Create centrepieces with roses in different colours if you want a bright look. Pairing roses with silverware and candles on tables can be a great idea too. For pastel arrangements, choose white, off-white, pale pink and peach varieties.

If you want to couple roses with other flowers, choose dahlias, gardenias or peonies. White roses can be combined with blue hydrangeas and geraniums for a unique arrangement. Another pretty way to celebrate the beauty of roses is to arrange single blooms in votive candleholders.

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