The most gifted plants

Plant Gift Ideas

There is a tradition of gifting flowers and now, it has become a trend of gifting plants. But it could be challenging because we don’t know whether the receiver’s house gets abundant sunlight, or they take care for it. So, when you are going to gift a house plant make sure that it has low maintenance. Plants make a great addition to Your décor while purifying the air in your home. Also note that there will be pets in house and they might be allergic or toxic to them. Hanging Plants is a method of saving space in home.

Kalanchoe Plants :

These are thick leaved succulents with bright and long-lasting blooms. It is a serene beauty that your recipient will love, and this plant always reminds you whenever they see this. It loves sun light and should be watered every two weeks based upon the moisture in the soil.

Lucky Bamboo :

It is said to bring good fortune in anyone’s life if they have this plant in their home. So, if you have someone who is entering a new phase of life you can gift them this plant. Based on the number of stalks the meaning changes. If you give the plant with 3 stalks, they will receive happiness, wealth and long life. If there are only two stalks, they represent expression of love. These are watered once in a week or 10 days.

Lavender Phalaenopsis Orchids :

Orchids are the best house plants to keep and have mild fragrance but not all the orchid family have the same. These flowers can last up to three months. There are four elements that we need to concentrate on while taking care of these like water, temperature, light and humidity.

Bonsai :

These plants are like friends which symbolize harmony and wisdom. These love plenty of sunlight and needs to water once in a week. These leaves also need misting. These are great for persons who need balance in their life.

Money tree :

There is a popular belief that if anyone has this plant, they will never be scarce of money, but the true meaning is this plant omits positive vibes and the people around it can feel them. A beautiful pot to enrich its beauty would be appreciated while gifting this plant or personalize the pot with the recipient photo. Be careful while watering because these leaves can be easily rotten.

Snake Plant :

These plants would be a great gift for those who are determined and Creative. These require indirect sunlight and naturally purifies the air. All the plants take away oxygen at night but this one gives off, it also absorbs all the toxins in the air.

Whether you are gifting your colleague, or your friend based upon their life style and taste choose a plant which would be helpful to them from . You can choose these for a lovely occasion like House Warming, Wedding or even a Birthday.

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