Clicking on the "Post a comment link" in the View Blogs section will enable you to post comments about that particular blog. However we have tried to make it simpler for the flower expert user by integrating the Comments and Post A Comment sections. Clicking on either of those links will enable you to simultaneously view and post comments.

All you need to post a comment is your username, generally your first name. If interested you can post your Email ID as well, but this is optional and is not displayed along side the message. The Email ID is only used for recognizing you on the flower expert blog and not for any other purpose. The fields marked with (*) are mandatory.

As you might have noticed there are no quicktags to help you mark up the post. As of now, the quicktag feature is only available when you create a blog.

Checking the Remember Me? box will enable your browser to remember you the next time you log on to post a comment on a flower blog.

You can also post your URL for others to visit when they view and make comments to the post.

Just click on the Comment button whenever you are ready with your comment. Clicking on the Reset button will clear the fields in the form.

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