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Pretty Flower Arrangements to Brighten Up Any Space

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Mixed Flowers

When in doubt, say it with flowers. How many times have we all heard this adage? A bouquet of flowers or the sight of a floral arrangement when you enter a room can be enough to lift the lowest of moods and spirits. You can make use of many kinds of floral arrangement to light up any and every space.

From carnation bouquets to roses delivered for stunning arrangements, you can easily create a floral impact that could be as delightful as it can get. Here are a few simple and pretty floral arrangements to brighten up any space.

A Collection of Jars

Take some roses in their freshest and prettiest colors including red, pink, yellow and white ones. You can use long-stemmed flowers for this and place them in any pattern you like, in the clear jars. The jars should ideally be of different heights and sizes which will make the collection look even prettier. Tie a ribbon around the mouth of the jars to match the colors of the roses. This will create quite an impact!

By the Lamp

Did you know that you can brighten up your desk with a simple addition to the staid old desk lamp? All you need are a few flowers and a pretty vase. If you have a metal table lamp, then the best option would be to get a glass or a metal vase with a short height and a wide mouth. Place tulips within, so that you can have larger petals falling over your work area. This will also create quite a statement from every angle.

Wine Glasses

Take some wine and margarita glasses for a unique and pretty centerpiece for your dinner table. This will work wonders especially if you are having people over. Place small blooms like buds and leaves in these glasses and layer the bottom with clear or colored pebbles. Place the glasses on a tray and then put it in the centre. If you have a long buffet like table, you can create a few of these centerpieces, at different points, along the entire length.

Carnations to the Rescue

Carnation bouquets never get old and they always render a classic and pretty look to any and every space. You can take tall and simple pillar style vases for these carnation bouquets, or you can snip the actual flowers and fill the glass pillars with the same. This look will be perfect for parties. The best colors for carnation bouquets would be white and pink.

Flower Foam Arrangements

Carve out balls and other shapes from flower foams and stick the blooms into the flower foam to cover the entire surface. Then, let these sit on a pretty glass or mirrored tray for that utterly luxe effect!

Roses and carnations as well as tulips and orchids can be used to create a wonderful look in any space. You need to come up with some pretty jars, vases or troughs to display the same.

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