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Top Reasons to Send Roses this Valentine’s Day

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If you thought roses are too clichéd for Valentine’s Day, let us change your mind. The stunning rose has been heralded as a symbol of romance since eons. Red roses go way back and have been considered pinnacles of love and romance.

Whether you choose a gift to go with it or give a red rose on its own, we suggest you do not skimp on the one thing that denotes love on a day that is exclusively reserved for lovers.

They Symbolize Love

Love and roses go hand in hand. For centuries, rose is one flower that is associated with love and the color red represents passion. When you combine the two, you understand why red roses are the perfect flower gift for Valentine’s Day. You can choose a red rose bouquet or go all out and choose one stem for each day that you and your partner have lovingly spent together. Express your love and commitment by giving this symbolic flower that speaks louder than words.

Women Expect Flowers

No matter what expensive gift you buy for your partner, there is nothing more romantic than a red floral bouquet. At the core, all women love flowers! They are beautiful, vibrant and aromatic. However, the choice of flower comes into play with this specific occasion. Valentine’s Day is dedicated to lovers, so what better choice do you have than a fresh red rose bouquet? While some women expect a side gift to go with these red roses, others will be delighted at the sight of gorgeous red roses sitting on their front porch.

They are Occasion-Specific

It is very hard to say no to flowers. While everyone has their own preference, surveys show that 48% of people liked to receive roses on Valentine’s Day.  You can give other types of flowers on any other day but Valentine’s Day is made for roses. Gift a teddy bear or a delicious box of chocolates to make the gesture even more special. The bottom line is, roses are the best flowers for romance and there couldn’t be a better day than this to gift a bunch to your lady love.

 They Are Insta-Worthy

Let your girl proudly display this romantic gesture on her insta feed. Red roses are vibrant and stunning, making them the perfect flower to show off on social media. A beautiful red rose bouquet is a stunning sight, one that will get your partner loads of likes! She can show her friends what an amazing boyfriend she has!

They are Durable

Roses are symbolic flowers for more than one reason. They represent love, desire and passion. Roses are also one of the easiest flowers to take care for. You just have to place these cut roses in a vase of water to keep them fresh and pleasant for days. Roses are durable and long-lasting, representing your lifelong commitment to your lover. Hence, gifting someone red roses is a way to say you want to spend your life with them.

They Indicate Domestic Bliss

Red roses hold slightly different connotations for married couples. They are the ideal gift not just for boyfriends and girlfriends but for husbands and wives too! Red roses are a sign of domestic bliss. They are like a good luck charm to ensure happiness and peace in a marriage. Whether you have tied the knot for 5 or more years, you can always make do with a little luck in the form of a gorgeous red rose bouquet.

They Are Beautiful

Red roses are arguably the most beautiful flower in the world. They boast a rich color and an intricate petal formation. The charm of roses is heightened with its memorable scent, one that will fill the whole house. Red roses never fail to charm and are still a fool-proof way to profess your love where words fall short.

Red Rose Delivery

If you are running short of time, you can choose a winning flower gift basket for your lover. Now you can deliver red rose bouquets to your valentine right from the comfortable confines of your home.

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