Flowers are such a vibrant expression of Nature's beauty that it's rare to find a single human being who doesn't respond to them. Men as well as women respond to flowers as gifts. The type of flower arrangement you choose should have more to do with a person's personality than their gender. A person in romance or love sends romantic gifts to his beloved. Those gifts, if made of beautiful, dazzling, colorful flowers, are called as Romantic Flower Gifts.

Romantic flowers are also a great way of initiating romance and surely indicates to the recipient that they are important to you.

If you are confused which flowers to send, read on.... Women generally prefer romantic flowers with softer colors and tones that blend with each other - men tend to prefer flowers that are more striking, vivid and colorful.

Flowers top the lists of both men and women as the best 'I love you' gift. Nowadays sending online flowers has become a common feature. Surprise your loved one, bring pleasure and smile to her face. Choose a lovely flower bouquet and send or Buy Romantic Flower gifts to her/him with love.

A perfect romantic gift can be a A Single Red Rose (Ideal if accompanied with a love poem or kiss), something from the heart and required extra special thought to give to your love, anything as long as it is a surprise, Something handmade, Flowers, Yourself, Jewelry, Preferably diamonds and the jewelry should have a personal engraving, Love poem, Candlelight dinner. Among all these items, flowers like roses tops the list and brings joy to everyone. If you are unsure what flowers to send, you can go rightly with red roses! So a Romantic Flower Gift of Roses is an ideal gift.

The history of the usage of flowers in the romantic context dates back to Egyptians who used flowers as a symbol of romance, passion and desire. Flowers and romance are inseparable. Other types of roses are also very popular romantic flowers. A bouquet of red and white rose symbolizes unity. White roses symbolize purity, secrecy and innocence. Peach and pink roses signify gratitude and appreciation. Yellow roses symbolize joy and freedom.

Even now flowers are used as a symbol of love and romance. Any romantic flower arrangement can be livened up with personal messages laden with balloons and plush teddy bears.

Whenever we think about romantic flowers, only Pink roses, red and yellow roses come to our minds. But there are other flowers like tulips, daisies, lilacs and even sunflowers, and other wild flowers, lilies, larkspur, snapdragons and gerbera daisies which can be used in the context of romantic flowers. These flowers are of different colors and shades.

Romantic flowers are colorful, sensual, and the best way to express your love. There are many occasions where you can choose a flower arrangement to your partner which would be a perfect mode of expression.

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Flowers are supposed to be the best gift one can ever receive, a gift that is most likely to bring about a smile on the face. To know the significance of rose colors, visit our Rose Meanings page.