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Types Of Flowers You Can Send For An Aunt's Funeral

Types of flowers you can send for an aunt's funeral

Different cultures across the world have different ways of mourning for the dead. However, offering flowers is one commonly accepted tradition in most parts of the world. In the past, flowers were used when burying the dead – as a means to control the odor from the decomposing body. Later, loved ones started offering flowers at the graves of their departed family- as a means of showing their love and affection. Even now, flowers form an important part of any funeral and sending funeral flowers has been the custom for a long time.

If you have just received news of your aunt’s death and cannot go to the funeral service but want to offer your condolences and sympathy, then you could send flower arrangements for the funeral service. Since death is a time of mourning, there are some etiquettes for sending flowers to a funeral and we list down some tips that should be kept in mind when sending flowers for your aunt’s funeral. 

  • Lilies are a commonly chosen flower for funerals, especially the white lilies. White lilies symbolize purity and majesty and the white gazer lily is known to symbolize sympathy for the family of the departed one. Thus, you can never go wrong when choosing white lilies for the funeral of your aunt.

  • Carnations are another popular funeral flowers. Did you know that Catholics believe that the pink carnation was created from the tears of Virgin Mary? Each color of the carnation has a special meaning too. Red carnations signify affection while white carnations show innocence and also rebirth. So, if your aunt and her family were devout Catholics, you could send them pink carnations or if they believe in rebirth, then send them white carnations. Or simply send a bunch of red carnations to show your sympathy and love towards the family. 

  • You could also send orchids for your aunt’s funeral. Orchid flowers on a funeral signify your immense love for the deceased and giving pink or white orchids on a funeral signifies your sympathy too. 

  • If your deceased aunt was a lady with great integrity, it only makes sense to send some gladioli at her funeral. Gladiolus symbolizes strength, sincerity and moral values and would be perfect for a funeral of someone who lived these values during her lifetime. 

  • You could also choose other flowers such as roses, violets, forget me not, etc for your aunt’s funeral. 

We hope the above tips help you choose the correct flowers for your aunt’s funeral. And, if you are not sure from where to order these flowers, we suggest ordering funeral flowers online from leading flower delivery websites. We understand that giving the flowers in person to the grieving family is always better, but since you cannot make it to the funeral, the leading website will make sure that your flowers reach in time for the funeral. These websites have all kinds of funeral flower arrangements and deliver it to most cities and countries too. All you need to do is select the flowers you wish to send and then place your order by making the payment. The leading websites accept payment through multiple modes. Once your order is placed, you can provide the address and date for delivery. You can also include a personal condolence note for your aunt’s family. Place your order now and let your flowers represent you at the funeral service. 

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