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Tips For Choosing Floral Arrangements To Share Condolences

Condolences flowers

Losing someone close like a family member or an old friend is always heartbreaking. And during such a phase, those who are mourning expect others to show sympathy, empathy, care and love. Even if you are far away, in a different country, sending across your love and concern through sympathy flowers is a thoughtful gesture. You can send sympathy flowers to let the recipient know that you are by their side and will support them through this tough phase. A bunch of white roses, lilies or daisies can express condolences in a very elegant manner. You can also consider daffodils, tulips, chrysanthemums, or gladioli.

Understanding the meaning of sympathy flowers

Sympathy flowers are given when you want to express your condolences to the family of a deceased. They are also known as funeral flowers or sometimes compassionate flowers. They are usually white in colour but can be cream, pastel pinks or purples too. Yellow or even red sympathy flowers can be gifted to celebrate the afterlife of a dear one.

Why sympathy flowers are your best bet?

Flowers have a very therapeutic effect and give hope and peace. Their soft petals, rounded shapes and gentle fragrance heal the sadness of the recipient and relax his or her troubled mind. They can keep the bouquet of flowers in a corner of the room or on a desk to infuse beauty in a sad home.

Choosing the right kind of funeral flowers

Even though there is nothing right or wrong when it comes to giving flowers, the different flowers tend to carry different meanings. Many people give the favourite flowers of the deceased or even the flowers that reflect their personality. When it comes to sympathy flowers, they are not limited to a few types; however, flowers like roses, carnations, irises, and lilies are some of the most preferred choices given to express condolences. Their white, cream and yellow varieties are widely chosen as they represent peace, purity, integrity and fresh starts.

How to send sympathy flowers?

Sympathy or funeral flowers are generally delivered directly at the place and at the time of the burial ceremony or before. You can send a bouquet after the funeral service as well, if you think the recipient will be too busy before. They can be delivered together with sympathy cards or fruit baskets to convey your concern and empathy beautifully.

Types of funeral flower arrangements

  • Funeral Wreaths: These are generally used as a part of decoration at the burial site. These are a little more expensive than the smaller flower arrangements and are the best option to send in form of a tribute to the entire family of the bereaved.
  • Funeral Sheaves: They are the most common forms of condolence flowers. Sheaves are said to be the alternatives to the traditional bouquet used for the funeral.
  • Funeral Arrangement: These are available in various shapes and sizes. You can choose from a variety of options available when sending a funeral flower arrangement that will not even cost you much.

Always remember that choosing sympathy flowers is not a difficult task. All you have to do is pick a bouquet that you think will be the best to express your grief about the passing of your loved one along with a heartfelt sympathy note.

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