Simple Floral Arrangement Ideas With Dahlias

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Available in a rich variety of colors, shapes and sizes, dahlias are a popular choice of flower for all important events and occasions. Suitable for both formal and informal occasions, dahlias are available in an impressive range of colors such as pink, red, scarlet, and yellow and white. You can order dahlias online for floral arrangements that are simple, yet elegant.

Dahlia Bouquets

A simple dahlia bouquet can be made with blooms of same shades, a mix of dahlias in different colours or by combining dahlias with other flowers. If opting for a combination with other flowers order anemone-flower dahlias, as they mix beautifully with other blooms.

Casual Centerpieces

Whatever the occasion, a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary party, a smattering of slim glass vases with a free flowing arrangement of dahlias, with ferns for a splatter of green, makes for a casual but an eye catching centerpiece.

Formal Centerpiece

Create a really simple, yet a formal centerpiece with dahlias for sophistication and charm. Arrange single color dahlias in a vase of your choice, without secondary flowers, fillers and greens for support.  At dusk, switch on fairy lights strewn loosely around the vases, for an ethereal effect.

Wrought Iron Decor

Dahlias are an extremely vibrant flower, seducing the eye with its exuberance, texture and form. A single ball and pom pon dahlia arranged in a simple vase with a wrought iron stand can add an old world charm to any occasion.

Mixed arrangements

Order cactus dahlia from an online flower shop to create an exciting floral arrangement. Ideal companions for gladiolus and lilies, assemble the flowers playfully without confining them to a static formation. This mixed arrangement with dahlias as a base is the perfect gift for a first date or as a thoughtful gesture.

Ombre Arrangements

Use a single variety of dahlia with tones that shade into each other for an easy yet high impact arrangement that creates a beautiful atmosphere on the basis of its color.

Dahlia Boutonniere

With a formal dance or a wedding around the corner, everything needs to be ornate, even the jacket lapels and buttonholes. A single coloured dahlia in a bright hue like orange or a red is a whimsical, yet aesthetic choice for a boutonniere.

Holiday arrangement

All year round, dahlias wow us with their mind blowing colors and a myriad of forms and sizes. Add a touch of fresh fruit to create a holiday arrangement that be used for decoration and for gifting, Combined with dry and fresh foliage in shades of red and green, this exquisite arrangement does bring in the holiday cheer to any season,


Dahlia is a flower that captures the warmth of an Indian summer day and rolls it into the fire of an early autumn sunset. Welcome the arrival of autumn with a festive wreath loaded with a variety of dahlias, roses and green foliage.

The days when dahlias were available to only gardeners are long gone. These days fresh dahlias are available in a palette of petals and forms with all online florists and can be used to make gorgeous floral arrangements. With a bunch of blooming dahlias, affordable and easy to order, you can never go wrong with our simple floral arrangement ideas.

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