How To Make A Simple Centerpiece With Geraniums


A beautifully arranged floral centrepiece adds so much to the entire feel of any occasion. Be it a wedding reception, a birthday party or a corporate conference, a floral centrepiece on the tables lends both elegance and character to the event.

Important elements of a floral centrepiece

A striking centrepiece is more than just a haphazard collection of beautiful flowers. A floral centrepiece that is the mainstay of any decor is an aesthetic balance of colour, texture and scale. The most important thing to remember when making a floral centrepiece is the harmony between flowers you choose and the containers that they are placed in. For an ideal centrepiece both these elements should be in keeping with the size of the room, the table they are placed on, and the style and colour scheme of the event. Most importantly, the size of the flowers chosen should be such that the centrepiece does not obstruct the view of the guests seated at the table.

Why geraniums are a good choice for a centrepiece?

For their size and vibrant colours, geraniums are a very good choice for a table centrepiece. With their effervescent and fragrant blossoms, and colourful leaves, geraniums make an eye catching centrepiece, small enough that they do not obstruct the line of vision and vivacious enough to enhance the theme of the event. Put together with other summer flowers they add freshness to any location and perfectly reflect the joy underlying any occasion.

Steps to make a centrepiece with geraniums

Picture the ensemble: To make a centrepiece from geranium, begin with choosing the vase which you want to use for the centrepiece. You can choose a trumpet shape vase so that the stems fall freely at gracious angles. Next choose a shade of geranium that compliments the theme of your occasion. Being sun-kissed summer flowers, geraniums are available at local flower shops in gorgeous shades of red, orange, purple, white, pink and salmon. Create your centrepiece by adding various other summer flowers available at local flower shops near you. You can create a lush and simple centrepiece of geranium using marigolds, calendula and crocosmia flowers.

Give it a shape: To begin with, give shape to your centrepiece with geranium flowers and leaves. Do not try to arrange the geraniums for a perfect balance, instead let the flowers and leaves sprawl freely and let the arrangement take on a natural shape.

Fill in the gaps: Next, add the crocosmia flowers to the arrangement to highlight the shape of the centrepiece. This can be done by strategically placing crocosmia such that they follow the shape taken by the geranium flowers and leaves. To complete the centrepiece and lend it detail, fill in the gaps with calendula and marigold flowers which are slightly taller than the geraniums and the crocosmia.

Add a finishing touch: To add that special touch to the centrepiece, make a delicate bow around the vase. The bow can be crafted using a satin, lace or a curled ribbon. Use colours that coordinate with the colour palette of the theme and the colour of the geraniums. If you are using a curled ribbon, cut it slightly from the end, ripping it along the entire length of the ribbon, to make tantalising wisps of curled ribbons of different lengths. The result will be an effortless yet elegant floral centrepiece which brings along with it the freshness of spring and the warmth of summer.

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