6 Flower Style Options For Spring Weddings


Who doesn’t like a spring wedding? Clear skies, new flowers and breezy evenings! No wonder people love getting married in spring. After all, it makes everything around you beautiful and nature leaves behind the harshness of winter to burst into colours. If a wedding is on your cards and your heart is set on spring flowers, we have listed below a few floral style options for you to pick from, based on your taste and the wedding theme.

  1. Go pastel!

  2. Oh! Romancing gets better with muted tones. The faded pastel shades of pink and pale flowers will accentuate the beauty of the wedding venue and will leave a beautiful scent behind. Some other flowers that you can add to the pastel floral themes are China Blue Hyacinths, Muscari, Peach Roses and Freesias.

  3. Just Roses
  4. Roses are flowers that look and smell timeless and win hearts easily. It will not only be extremely romantic to have a “just roses” theme at your spring wedding, but it will also amp up the ambience of the venue. You can go for a combination of muted tones of soft peach and ivory roses. Pairing these roses with silver or golden accessories can add an extra hint of glamour for sure.

  5. Blast of pop

  6. To match your vibrant personality, if you are thinking of adding a dash of colour to your wedding theme, go bold with your flower selection. A few recommended springs flowers would be carnations, roses, lilies and hydrangeas. Reds, oranges, dark pinks, magenta and saffron are some great shades to try.

  7. Paint it yellow!

  8. If you are keeping the interiors of the venue plain and simple (in white or pale), having a yellow-themed flower arrangement with a pinch of green would light it all up. You can add yellow roses, ranunculi, craspedia to your list of flowers with some green foliage. Yellow carnations or gerberas are also a stunning idea.

  9. Classy and Luscious

  10. If you are a die-hard romantic and love all things classy and nice, you can go for a classy selection of peach roses and peonies. Their soft colours and simple texture will add charm to your wedding. From bouquets and centrepieces to garlands and wall decor accents, these blooms will look amazing anywhere.

  11. A rustic romance

How about a countryside wedding in a courtyard? We have just the theme for you. Imagine an arch full of fern, rusty old interiors and a venue full of eucalyptus. If your dream wedding includes handmade tables, rustic door, outdoorsy venue and unconventional decor, go for a dark green flower theme to complement the aura!

Hope these spring flowers themes help you plan your big day as beautifully as you hoped for. Just make sure to include only the seasonal flowers as they easily available and will help you stick to your budget.

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