Stock flowers are wonderful as a bulb cover, path or bed edging, or in containers!

Stock Flower (Malcolmia maritima) is a low-branching annual herb. Stock Flower is also referred to as Virginia Stock flower. Stock flowers come in a profusion of fragrant loose racemes. Stock flowers are white and pink, or red, or lilac in color. The Stock Flower is a native of southwestern Greece and southern Albania, i.e., the mediterranean region.

Malcolmia maritima

The Stock Flower's spikes are cross-shaped 4-petaled flowers. The Stock Flowers bloom from spring to fall. The Stock Flower spikes are 3/4 inch in width. The Stock flower is perfect for scattering into paving crevices, nooks and crannies, in rock walls, for the front of the flower border, or to provide cover for the bulb foliage once the bulb blooms are gone.

  • The Stock Flower plant has oval, toothed or entire, medium green leaves.
  • The Stock Flower plant grows to a height of 8-15 feet in full sun.
  • The Stock flowers are white, yellow, pinks, lilac, and magenta.
  • The name gillyflower is also used for the Virginia Stock.
  • The flower fragrance is the characteristic feature of the Virginian stock.
  • Stock are the easiest grown plants.
  • A site selected should be a well-drained one.
  • Stock flowers need full sun.
  • Stock seeds should be sown in large drifts.
  • Stock seeds should be sown in succession so as to have the flowers always blooming with a vivid flower display.
  • The seeds sown should be 3 inches apart.
  • The seeds germinate in 1-2 weeks.
  • Annuals and perennials may be fertilized using: 1.water-soluble, quick release fertilizers; 2. temperature controlled slow-release fertilizers; or 3. organic fertilizers such as fish emulsion.
  • Water soluble fertilizers are generally used every two weeks during the growing season.
  • Controlled, slow-release fertilizers are employed into the soil ususally only once during the growing season.
  • For organic fertilizers such as fish emulsion, we should follow label directions as they may vary per product.