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Best Summer Wedding Flowers From Around The Globe

Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer is all about brightness, cheerfulness, hope and life. And if you are planning for a summer wedding, you definitely need to think about flowers. After all, no wedding is complete without beautiful and fresh flowers, whether they constitute the bride’s bouquet, grace dining tables or come together for arches or other decor accents. Now, when it comes to choosing wedding flowers in summer, it can get a bit confusing as there are so many gorgeous varieties to pick from. So, to help you out, here is a list of the top summer wedding flowers that will add pizzazz to a very special day in your life.

Calla lilies:

Native to southern Africa, calla lilies are elegant flowers shaped like trumpets and they come in wonderful colours like yellow, purple, pink, orange and even green. They symbolise purity and faith usually, and the pink ones stand for admiration and appreciation. They can be paired with roses for an exotic arrangement.


Originally from north-eastern Europe and Asia, mums are gorgeous multi-layered flowers that are available in exciting hues like golden yellow, maroon, violet, purple, orange and white. They are bold looking blooms and represent happiness, joy and long life. You can pair these with carnations or coneflowers.


Boasting of European origin, daisies are simple yet charming flowers that can liven up any happy occasion like a wedding. These can have a single layer of petals or multiple layers. Daisies usually epitomise new beginnings, beauty, love and fertility. They also stand for innocence and purity, especially if they are white. You can also pick colours like soft yellow, pale pink, mauve and peach.


No list of summer wedding flowers is complete without roses. Apart from the crimson red hues, you can choose them in pink, lavender, orange or yellow. These beautiful flowers are fragrant and special. They convey love, admiration and passion, as everyone knows. You can create mixed arrangements with roses, carnations, daisies and lilies too.


Native of Asia and America, hydrangeas are known for their beautiful sky blue, purple and magenta hues. They can be used to decorate a staircase or craft a centrepiece at a summer wedding. The star shaped flowers are closely packed and have an elegant charm. They stand for heartfelt emotions and can be paired with geraniums or begonias. You can use these lovely flowers to create arches at the wedding venue too.


Named after the Greek goddess of rainbow, irises come in a variety of shades like pale blue, pink, violet, blue-violet and yellow. While the blue ones epitomise hope and faith, the yellow ones stand for passion. White irises on the other hand stand for purity. The best part about using these as wedding flowers is that they can be combined with tulips, daffodils and peonies for beautiful arrangements.


Native to north-west America, Asia and Europe, peonies are gorgeous and fragrant flowers that come in red, white, pink, purple, coral and even bright yellow. They can be included in bridal flower bouquets and paired with delphinium, foxglove and lupine. These blooms stand for good fortune, romance, honour and happy marriage. Naturally, they are very popular as summer wedding flowers.

So, have you decided which flowers you want to pick for your summer wedding? Just keep the theme, location and your dress in mind while choosing the flower types and colours. Consider ordering flowers online if you want to make sure that you only use fresh and vibrant ones at your wedding.

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