Flowers for sympathy and funeral

sympathy & funeral flowers

There is no better way to convey your heartfelt feelings than flowers. To someone who has lost a loved one, or to simply share your grief and longing. Or for that matter to just simply express your sympathy and kinship of concern. In our collection of flowers, flower baskets and arrangements we have a variety of flowers each conveying their valuable meaning and feelings the way you would want to.

Floral arrangements for Sympathy and Funeral

  • Funeral Baskets
  • Funeral Sprays
  • Wreaths Casket Covers
  • Inside Casket Pieces
  • Flower Vases
  • Peace Lilies

Flowers which convey concerns and sympathy have to be chosen carefully. Because flowers like people come with their own personas and meanings. So here are some flowers which are specially used to express sympathetic feelings.

Expressions of Sympathy

  • White Roses - Symbolise peace and hence pray for the peace of soul
  • Lilies - Represent the restored innocence of the soul when a person dies.
  • Chrysanthemums - Symbolic of death and are mainly used for funerals or on graves.
  • Longiflorum lilies - A traditional funeral flower and looks best in a tied sheath because of the way they grow on the stem.
  • Iris - One of the few blue flowers available all year round the iris has its deserved place as a funeral flower.
  • Gladiolas - They are used in funerals as a token of respect to the departed soul.

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