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Different Kinds Of Sympathy Flowers And Their Meanings

Sympathy Flowers

Losing someone close can be a shock, and during such challenging times, everyone hopes to have their friends and relatives around them. So, if you are looking to convey your condolences and support to a relative or friend who has lost someone dear, sympathy flowers can be a great choice. As flowers hold the power to convey various messages like love, affection and sympathy, it will help the ones who are grieving to cope with the loss they have suffered. While the general purpose of these funeral flowers is to express the emotion of sympathy, there are a few flowers with distinct vibes that can communicate more powerful meanings. This is the reason why we have listed a few recommended sympathy flowers and their meanings, so that you can pick the right ones.

Lily -

If you hear someone say “smells like a funeral home”, there is a chance that lilies are around. Lilies are often considered as one of the go-to sympathy flowers, mostly because it symbolizes purity and innocence. It is said that lilies help the soul of the deceased to find peace and return to the state of purity. Its subtle aroma also relaxes your mind and helps in coping with the grief.

Forget-Me-Not -

As the name suggests, Forget-Me-Not flowers simply remind you of the one who passed away and at the same time helps you in respectfully moving on. It communicates that the deceased will continue to live on in our hearts and our memories. In those times, when you are at a loss for words, when nothing you say can make things easy for the ones suffering, bring them a bouquet of forget-me-not flowers. Your sympathy will be conveyed without words.

White Roses -

Similar to lilies, white roses are also commonly seen and appreciated as funeral flowers. These flowers symbolise innocence and purity. When you offer these to the grieving family, it also conveys that you are hoping for the deceased to find love and peace. White roses are also considered very spiritual in some cultures, and it is always good to have them around during the tough times. If the deceased was close to you, you can also offer these flowers as a thank you for the time you got to spend together.


In several American cultures, chrysanthemum flowers are offered as a symbol of support. It is either given to the family of the deceased as a token of strength and support or as message that conveys "get well soon". In some cultures, it is also placed upon the grave as a symbol of death and mourning. It is usually spotted at memorial services and funeral homes.

Hope this guide helps you pick the appropriate flowers for the tough and trying times your friend or relative is going through. When someone loses a family member or a loved one, they seek strength and support from the ones close to them and with these flowers, you may not be able to fill the gap, but you may as well make the process of moving on easier for them.

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