10 Thoughtful ‘Thank you’ gift Ideas

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If you want to extend your gratitude to someone who’s done something special for you, a simple thank you note isn’t going to cut it. Gifts say someone really cares and that’s the kind of appreciation you need to show your friends, family, partner, or boss.

If you are worried on the choice of gift, we have a list of some of the most thoughtful gift ideas that will translate your ‘thank you’ in the best possible way. No matter who the recipient is, we bet you can’t go wrong with these 10 thank you gift ideas.

1. Fresh Flower Bouquet

Flowers are the safest choice when it comes to gifts. If you think a bouquet is too cliché for your liking, there are numerous ways you can spruce up the gift to suit the person the present is intended for. You can add chocolates, an adorable teddy, or literally anything else to convey your thanks in a personalized manner. A fresh floral bouquet with a thank you card will do the trick for a girlfriend, husband, parent, or boss!

2. Personalized Thank you Gift Mug

Send a friend an adorable mug that they can enjoy their morning coffee with. You can even look for mugs that actually say thank you for making the message clearer. Mugs are not only a useful and practical present but can also be a keepsake. You will find a variety of choices with different messages like ‘best boss’, ‘best father’ and so on. This gift is sure to be a winner for anyone!

3. Chocolate Gift Basket

Step away from the ordinary and say thank you in this super creative way. Instead of just handing over a plain box of chocolates, send them a loving chocolate bouquet with all of their favorite selection! Chocolates ooze warmth and make the ideal choice to pay your regards to someone. If you want to go a little formal, prepare a Godiva gift basket for a boss or mentor. If it’s for a close friend, there is nothing homier than a delightful hot chocolate gift basket.

4. Spa Voucher Card

If you’re off to college and missing your mother’s pampering back home, let her know you appreciate her efforts with you. Send your mom a spa voucher card so she can get the relaxation she deserves! We bet any woman in your life will appreciate the gesture as a more caring way of showing your appreciation for all her love.

5. Fruit Basket

What is more wholesome than sending a healthy basket of fresh fruits to someone you care for? Whether it’s a grandparent or a friend, convey your thanks by taking care of them this time! A nutritious basket of all their favorite fruits beautifully packaged is just what they need to feel appreciated and loved.

6. Thank you Kitchen Magnets

These little tokens of appreciation can be added to your friend’s magnet collection. Choose one that says thank you for making the message wide and clear for them! With so much variety available, you can send a loved one these little magnets to help them remember you every time they enter their kitchen!

7. Inspirational Quote Wall Art

Instead of saying thank you the traditional way, get a loved one a quote of gratitude that they can use as wall art. If your best bud has just moved away to start college, make their room and day brighter with some positive thoughts to start this new chapter of their life!

8. Thank you Cake

Nothing trumps food and what can be as good as a scrumptious slice of cake to lift your spirits?  Say thank you to a friend, spouse, or boss with a delicious cake lovingly wrapped in a box. Don’t forget to check their favorite flavor before placing the order!

9. Photo Frame

If your best friend is far away, show your appreciation with a stunning thank you photo frame with one of your pictures. This cute gesture will tell them how much you miss them and the times you have spent together.

10. Gourmet Gift Basket

Prepare a basket with all of your recipient’s favorite food items. They will surely appreciate this kind and thoughtful gesture. Your knowledge of their preference and the yummy food in the gourmet hamper will be enough to say thank you in the best way possible.

Say thank you with these interesting gift choices to show them how much you really mean it!

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