Do's and don'ts of sending sympathy flowers

Sympathy flowers

During times when your loved ones are mourning the loss of someone close and you can’t be present with them to show your support and love, sending a bouquet of sympathy flowers would definitely ease their pain. It is a beautiful way to remember and honour the memories of the one who has passed away. Flowers have been an integral part of celebration of life in many cultures but there are few cultures and religions that do not appreciate receiving flowers when the family is mourning, for example, Jews. So to make choosing the right sympathy flowers easy for you, we are listing down a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

  1. Funeral Flowers vs. Sympathy Flowers

    Funeral flowers are what you send to the funeral or cremation of the deceased, whereas sympathy flowers are sent to home of the relatives of the one who passed away. Usually funeral flowers are ordered or arranged by the close family but as far as sympathy flowers are concerned, anyone can send these flowers.   
  2. Flowers aren’t enough

    Before you send flowers to the grieving family, remember that no matter how precious and calming the flowers you send are, they cannot replace the effect or comfort of your presence. So, whenever you send the flowers, make sure you write a note or a message to the family expressing your feelings and support.
  3. Be careful about the size

    Make sure you choose the right size of arrangement for your sympathy flowers. Big arrangements are hard to carry/transport, and can demand unnecessary attention.  So make sure the size of your arrangement is neither too small nor too big.
  4. Schedule it

    Nothing is worse than an off time delivery. If your arrangement is delivered way after the funeral service, receiving those flowers with a message would be hard for the family as it will bring back everything that they are trying to move on from. So while sending the flowers, seek help from your florist and schedule the delivery of flowers.
  5. Do your research

    In some cultures and religions, there is no custom of sending flowers. Jewish people follow the rule of immediate burial which makes it difficult to get the flowers delivered on time. Similarly, in the Islamic faith, some people send flowers and some don’t. Flowers are not a traditional part of Hindu funerals either. So in case you are not sure if it is appropriate to send flowers or not, it would be better to do your research and then decide.

Hope these tips help you pick the right sympathy flowers in the times of need.   You can visit for suggestions on the best products to show your sympathy.

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