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Tips To Pick The Right Flowers For Valentine's Day

Tips To Pick The Right Flowers For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a day of celebrating love, but it is also a day of giving beautiful gifts to your partner. The gift can be big or small, but it is the thought that matters. Picking the right Valentine’s Day gift is hard, but picking the right Valentine's Day flowers can be harder. Flowers are the perfect way to say ‘I love you’, but only if you choose the right flowers and the right arrangement. A bunch of flowers, presented without any embellishment, will not have much effect on your partner. So hold on and allow us to show you the many different types of flowers you can choose this Valentine's Day.


The crinkled edges of the delicate petals in a carnation flower will melt any heart. Perfect for your partner, carnations come in a variety of colours. From the ever-popular red to a beautiful purple hue, this flower will never disappoint. Carnations can be a great Valentine’s Day gift, provided you pick the right colour and right arrangement. You can either get them delivered via an online flower delivery service or go to your local florist’s shop and pick out the flowers yourself.


The ever-popular roses are always a hit on Valentine’s Day. In fact, most people in relationships expect red roses from their partner on this day. The key to making your partner happy is to pick out gorgeous Dutch roses for the arrangement. Don’t mix the roses with any other flowers so the focus stays on these stunning flowers. You can either buy the roses in the market and then create a gorgeous bouquet at home or get your florist to tie the entire bunch together. Regardless, the roses will definitely get you a lot of brownie points.


The delicate Gerberas are a great choice for this special day. The beauty of these flowers lies in their exquisite shade and delicacy. Who wouldn’t want a bouquet filled with delicate flowers with their partner professing their love for them? The Gerberas will be a big hit with your partner. We recommend that you select the flowers personally to make sure no flower is damaged when the bouquet is delivered.


Orchids are some of the most exotic flowers on the market right now. Orchids have always been hard to procure and that just adds to their appeal. Orchids are available in two different colours: purple and blue. Both shades of this flower are beautiful, but the purple orchids can usually be used on such a special occasion as compared to the blue orchids. Get a flowerpot with orchids this Valentine’s Day and you will love the smile on your partner’s face.

Flower combos

When you can’t just choose one, you can choose them all! Well, not really. What we mean is that you can either go with a particular colour scheme or get a mixed floral arrangement you like. You can go for a red colour scheme, since its Valentine’s Day, and pick red roses, carnations, and other flowers. Most online flower delivery companies have pre-made floral arrangements on display, so you can always pick the one you like.

Who can say no to flowers? On Valentine’s Day, it is important to make your partner feel loved and special. There is no better way to do this than with a beautiful floral arrangement of your partner’s favourite flowers. So get started on your research and make sure you find the right arrangement to make this day of love special for them.

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