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Helpful Tips To Choose The Right Get Well Flowers

Helpful Tips To Choose The Right Get Well Flowers

Falling ill can be very depressing. When a person is bound to her bed and can’t go about her normal routine, the littlest things can help them cheer up. A bouquet of flowers is the ideal thing to give a person who’s recovering from something. These flowers brighten up a room and help the person feel happier. If you can’t go meet the person, you can even send flowers to let him/her know that you’re thinking about them. Here are a few tips to choosing the perfect get well flowers.

Pick bright flowers

As far as possible, avoid presenting your friend with a bouquet of white flowers. Though white is elegant and graceful, it does nothing to cheer up a person. Instead, look for flowers in bright, bold hues. Gerberas are the ideal flower for a get well soon bouquet. From shades of yellow and orange to pink and red, gerberas are available in a variety of colours. These cheerful flowers will brighten the room and lift your friend’s spirits.

Pick long lasting flowers

Ideally, pick flowers that will last a week or two at least. This will remind your friend of your care and love even if you can’t visit them as often as you’d like. Orchids are a great flower in this respect. These flowers can last for anywhere between a week to even a fortnight. While the orchid plant is delicate, orchid flowers are quite hardy and do not require too much care themselves. Available in vibrant shades of pink and purple, they are a great fit for any space. Lilies are another great choice.

Pick flowers the person likes

When it comes to flowers, everyone has different favorites. Some may like lilies while others love roses. To make the recovering person feel special, pick flowers that you know he/she likes. For example, if someone like carnations and you gift them a bouquet of roses, they may not be as happy as they would if you gifted them carnations. Presenting a person with flowers of his/her choice makes them feel cared for since they know you made the effort of remembering what they like.

Pick mixed flowers

You don’t have to put together a bouquet using only one type of flowers. You can easily mix and match different flowers together to create a big bouquet. This can be cost-effective too. For example, you could put together a bunch of gerberas, orchids and small daisies. The different colours of all these flowers will brighten the recipient’s mood and room. Since gerberas and daisies are relatively cheaper than orchids, your bouquet will also cost less than if you were to pick a bouquet of only orchids.

Add on

You don’t have to stop at flowers. You can add on many other small things to a get well soon bouquet too. Who wouldn’t love to get a box of chocolates when they’re down and out…? If the doctor has advised a special diet, you could stay away from the chocolates and cookies and add a small teddy bear to the bouquet instead. It’s a myth that only children like soft toys- even adults love them!

Flowers are the easiest gift to find for a sick friend or family member. Today, you can order a bouquet online and have it delivered anywhere in the world. What is important is to pick flowers from a reliable retailer. This ensures that your bouquet is made with fresh flowers.

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