Beautiful Summer Flowers That Grow All Summer


Sizzling scorching summer!! Everything around you just seems to wither and wilt away in the heat. In such a scenario, where all seems to be sweating it out, a bunch of fresh flowers act as a perfect foil to bring down the temperatures and lift up the mood. Despite what you may think, there are a variety of summer flowers online that are available to brighten up your homes and add meaning to summer occasions.

  • Marigolds: Brilliant like the shades of sun and gorgeously fragrant, marigolds add so much luminosity to the surroundings. They are also great as pest controllers and have many ayurvedic benefits. These gold, copper and brass coloured petals can be sprinkled on water troughs and used for decoration around your home.
  • Irises: Known after the Greek goddess of rainbows, irises come in every colour under the sun and are perfect buy when planning to shop summer flowers.
  • Gaillardia: This flower is from the sunflower family and as such bears a striking resemblance to the sunflowers. Gifting them to someone is like giving a miniature sunset with shades of yellow, orange, red and even burgundy.
  • Peonies: Peonies have such an enchanting romanticism about them. They are extremely pretty and make for fantastic floral arrangements from fresh cut flowers as well.
  • Daffodils: Daffodils are happy flowers. Their bright yellow faces spread joy all around. A bunch of daffodils gifted to a loved for a summer birthday will take them back to William Wordsworth’s poem where they dance and sway along with the breeze.
  • Zinnia: Zinnias belong to the daisy family. These, like the daisies, are simple flowers which will make your home look more welcoming and warm to guests coming over for the summer.
  • Plumeria: These summer flowers come in shades of white and yellow or even white and pink. The velvety soft petals have a very Hawaiian look making them the perfect decor for outdoor summer occasions like a beach party. These dainty flowers have a magical quality about them that soothes you.
  • Roses: This woody perennial summer flower is a thing of songs and poems. With a colour palette ranging from red, yellow, white and many more, roses embody different emotions. A single red rose can signify love and passion. A bunch of yellow symbolises reverence, and gratitude. Roses have a special knack of expressing myriads of emotions that thousands of words can’t explain.
  • Lavender: Lavenders are delicate purple flowers with an English allure about them. They bring serenity and peace to the environment with their exquisiteness. For a summer wedding, order fresh lavenders online for sweetness and a touch of bright virtue.
  • Sunflower: Everybody is compelled to love sunflowers. Their broad, open faces bring instant smiles and joy while adding vibrancy to the dullest of environments. These fresh flowers are ideal graduation flowers and wedding centrepieces, bringing a burst of colour and brightness to all summer events.

Summers are a time for fun, frolic and relaxation. They are about a cool jug of lemonade on a hot sunny day and a splash in cool waters from swinging branches. Summer flowers ordered online turn every occasion into a festival with their bright colours and lively appearance.

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