Top 5 Flowers For Congratulations

Congratulation Flowers

Who doesn’t want someone’s appreciation?? Saying Congratulations actually boots up their energy and they start believing in themselves more and start appreciating other people too which would actually change people’s perspective of thinking. From Getting Graduated to a Job promotion, everything was worth the hard work and the struggle they have gone through. Even though the definition of success may vary for different people everyone succeeds at a point of time and it was all for a good cause. For people like them we send many things to say our feelings and what finer way can we find than sending a flower bouquet which expresses our feelings best.

These are the top 5 flowers sent for saying congratulations. We should always look for vibrant and cheerful colors rather than softer shades.


The Common meaning associated with roses is Love and Romance. Though different colors exhibit different meanings. These flowers as we all know are filled with delightness and the most gorgeous flowers we can send someone who are already happy because of their success. You can send a bouquet of 12 roses internationally which would definitely double their happiness. These convey energy, enthusiasm, and passion.


Pink always makes everyone’s heart melt. With the cutest pink petals of lilies everything in the world seems so wonderful. This Bouquet will surely mesmerize the person who receives this and will appreciate you for your choice. Peruvian Lilies are a good choice to choose when you know the other person too well and shows your devotion towards that person.


These flowers stand for strength and integrity. You may find this flower stems in many colors, but every color is as beautiful as the other. Yellow, Orange and Purple colors would be good to gift for putting in a vase. Add some Green colored leaves which would add more beauty to the assortment.

Blue Lotus:

Blue Lotus is always considered as flower of divine, and one of the finest ways to symbolize the magnitude of anyone’s success. Blue is always a color of Royalty and the person who receives this flower Bouquet would feel excited and joyful because of its color.


Orange color reciprocate cheerfulness and love. Gerberas are wide flowers which always send good vibes. An assortment of yellowish and orange Gerberas is always the best way to send your wishes of love for your dear ones.

These five flowers are considered as the top flowers while sending congratulatory wishes. You can also consider other flowers which would not change the meaning of the occasion. Pickupflowers has every type of flower bouquet to send online and always encourage your near and dear ones.

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