5 Haute Holiday Flower Designs

Holiday Decor Flowers

It's just the beginning of the holiday season and as you wait excitedly for the most wonderful time of the year, you also need to gear up to give your home the right look to welcome families and friends and feel the magic of the holidays together. Special occasions certainly turn out to be a lot more fun when complimented by a gorgeous looking décor. So, why not use some flower power for a glamorous look. Flowers can be used in endless combinations to let your interiors glow with their colours and fragrances.

Take an inspiration from the following ideas of floral arrangements that are absolutely beautiful and perfect for the festive season.

A Bright Mix:

The easiest way to get into the holiday spirit is to add colour to your centre and side tables. You can order flowers online, those that come in warmer shades like orange, red, yellow, deep pink and purple. Calendulas, peonies, pansies, winter jasmine, chrysanthemums and roses are some blooms that can be mixed and matched and placed aesthetically in vases that go well with the entire décor.

A Pretty White Setting:

White is the colour that goes with every season and blends well with every interior. There are many flowers that come in white. You can make a centrepiece with white lilies, carnations, roses, gerberas, magnolia, orchids, hydrangeas or daisies. There's always an option to go for a conical, tall structure with long-stemmed flowers or a wider, spread-out arrangement for flowers that come in small bunches. Instead of placing one big vase, you can use a few smaller vases to arrange them in varying heights and styles.

An Element of Surprise:

Remove the stalks of medium-sized roses. Line them up at the centre of your dining. Then place a wine glass each on top of the flowers. Now put tea-light candles at the top of the glasses. Light them up just before the party begins. Try with different coloured flowers and candles to match with your overall interiors. This simple, yet elegant arrangement is sure to be a hit.

A Blooming Tray:

Create a perfect centrepiece with a big boat-shaped tray or a rectangular tray. Place small vases on the tray with single stalks of flowers of your choice. Add some greens with the stalks and give a more natural touch to the arrangement. Between the vases, place two or three tall sleek candle stands with white candles to contrast with the colourful blooms.

A Bold Touch:

When it comes to flower arrangements, many of us refrain from using the bolder colours and settle for subtle shades like white, light pink, orange or lilac. Why not go bold this festive season with colours like purple, violet, crimson red and dark yellow. These gutsy hues add warmth to the winter season and also enhance the festive spirit. Order flowers online and set up your side tables with vases full of blooms in bold hues.

Flower arrangements, if done aesthetically, blend seamlessly to become a part of a room's identity. Flowers come in a medley of shades, and with little imagination, you can give them a structure that works best for your interior décor. This season, feel free to go ahead and mix and match hues, textures and sizes to create a stunning floral arrangement.

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