Top Ways To Decorate Your Home With Roses

Top Ways To Decorate Your Home With Roses

Roses have always enjoyed a classic and gorgeous place in the history of flowers, and will continue to do so. Available in myriad hues and amazingly fragrant, these blooms can liven up even simple homes with ease. All you have to know is how to use them to decorate your outdoors or interiors. And the best part is that you can now order roses online and get started, even if you don’t have a garden. Leading suppliers deliver fresh and beautiful roses, no matter what the occasion. So, get ready to try these decor tips.

A pretty wreath for your door

There is nothing like a lovely wreath of roses to give your main entrance a hint of elegance and summer charm. You can use roses of different colours or maybe two contrasting shades, to create the wreath. You will need some foliage or green leaves to add volume to the arrangement and a florist wire to hold it all in place. Then, just hang up the wreath with the help of a small hook and tie a satin ribbon around it for extra pizzazz.

Add beauty to your tables

Planning to beautify a small corner table or your elegant dinner table? Roses can be your best option. For a small table, create a medium height arrangement in a low height vase. And for a big table, you can choose a tall arrangement and a tall and striking vase. Pick roses in pastel pink, cream or peach for a soothing look. And for a bold look, choose red, orange, yellow or lavender. Any other showpieces or candles on the table should match the rose arrangement.

Lovely roses all in a row

If you have a longish console table in your entryway, roses can be arranged in a row to create a stunning impact. This can work for mantelpieces, window sills or a longish study table too. To make the arrangement, choose simple yet classy vases of the same style and place roses in them with their stems cut to a medium height. The roses can be in different shades, a single shade or two shades that are similar or contrasting. Arrange them in a neat row for a wonderful impression.

Even in the bathrooms

A bathroom is where you hope to feel rejuvenated and ready for a new day. So, adding a medium height arrangement of roses on the vanity counter or on a bathroom shelf can brighten up the ambiance. Do place the vase in such a way that it doesn’t get knocked off easily. Or, use a metal vase that will not break. You can choose the blooms in shades which contrast your bathroom tiles.

Things to remember

Apart from traditional vases, you can use unique options like a watering can, a big coffee mug, a quirky shaped vase, a metal ice bucket or an earthen pot to arrange the roses. It is also sensible to choose a focal point in any room for placing the vase, instead of decorating excessively with roses. Less is more these days.

Feel free to pair the roses with other flowers like carnations, daisies and lilies to make an exclusive and more voluminous arrangement. Just make sure that the arrangement is easy on the eyes and combines the right colours. You can also introduce ferns, succulents and fruits to make a charming statement.

So, log on to a reputed online roses delivery website and order sweet-smelling and fresh blooms for your home decor project.

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