Types Of Roses Which Colour Means What


Roses are among the most amazing creations in nature, be it for their wonderful fragrance or the wide array of colours they come in. They look gorgeous and can be used in bouquets, trails and centrepieces to make any occasion special. Whether you wish to convey your deepest feeling of love to someone, or simply wish one well, or congratulate them for reaching a memorable milestone in life, saying it all with roses makes complete sense. And now you can order roses from us, from the comfort of your home or office, according to the occasion and emotion. Our box of roses’ delivery ensures you receive only the freshest and prettiest blooms so that the day becomes memorable.

Every colour has a special meaning

  • A red rose symbolizes love and passion but at the same time a deep red rose coveys sorrow and sacrifice. A dozen red roses convey a heartfelt message of “Be Mine.”
  • Yellow is the colour to give someone with whom you share a relationship of pure joy and warmth without any undertone of romance. It represents exuberance and care in a platonic relationship. However, coming from a cruel heart, yellow roses are used to symbolize infidelity.
  • A white rose is a rose of confession. It symbolizes a secret admirer and feelings of purity and innocence. A bouquet of white roses is associated with a new beginning and a holy union.
  • An off-white cousin of the white rose represents thoughtfulness accompanied by charm.
  • Pink roses which can be in various shades of pink represent gratitude, innocence and first love. A deep pink rose symbolizes grace.

Consider unique hues too

  • If you want the unattainable, blue is the colour for you. It signifies mystery.
  • A lavender rose helps you convey the feeling of love at first sight. A slightly darker shade of lavender which is more towards purple expresses fascination and splendour.
  • To express passion, orange roses are the best. It symbolizes intense desire and energy. It can be your chosen colour when you want to convey a feeling of pride.
  • A peach rose carries the message of modesty.
  • As a blend of pink, orange and peach, a salmon rose expresses excitement and a feeling of desire.
  • Burgundy is perfect for the expression of unconscious beauty through a rose of the same colour.

Uncommon colours have meaning too

  • When you want to wish someone opulence and harmony, a green rose is the one to send. It also signifies tranquillity and rejuvenation.
  • A black rose is generally a very dark shade of a red rose. It can be used to signify end of a relationship, farewell or death.
  • A single rose of any colour expresses devotion.
  • So next time you place an order for roses’ delivery, align the flowers in harmony with the exact emotions you want to express. As each colour expresses a different emotion, you can use a mixed bouquet to convey multiple feelings through these lovely blooms.
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