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How To Use Lilies To Make A Stunning Wedding Bouquet?

How To Use Lilies To Make A Stunning Wedding Bouquet?

Flowers are part and parcels of all occasions and especially, the happy ones. Whether you are planning to decorate your house and throw a party or simply deck up the dining table to welcome a few special guests, you cannot do anything without flowers. Talking of occasions, wedding is one of the most celebrated functions and here again, blossoms seem to be everywhere. The wedding bouquet is a must for the bride and if you, as a soon-to-be bride, are looking for unconventional flower bouquets for your wedding, then here are some ideas for you to consider.

Why Lilies should be Preferred for Beautiful Wedding Bouquets?

When it comes to wedding bouquets, most people go the traditional way and prefer roses because they are the eternal symbols of love. However, if you are ready to walk the somewhat non-traditional path, then lilies should be your choice. Lilies with their long stems and sweet fragrance are not just stunning but also quite meaningful. Based on the traditions and folklores of Ancient Egypt as well as the Victorian era, it can be concluded that Lilies represent femininity, purity and love more than any other flowers out there. Whether you put the lilies as part of the mixed flower arrangements or make a bouquet of lilies alone, the blossoms never cease to amaze you with their elegance.

Ways of Using Lilies in Wedding Bouquets

Lilies can be found in quite a few varieties as far as their colours, blooming patterns and fragrances are concerned. So, you can certainly use them in a number of ways to make breathtaking wedding bouquets. Here goes a few:

Strike a Combination of Green and White

If you want white as the predominant colour of your wedding bouquet so that it beautifully matches your wedding gown, then choose a bouquet of all-white calla lilies surrounded by the classic garden roses. Let this bouquet also contain green leaves as that will add a verdant pop of hues to the monochromatic look.

Yellow and Pink Lilies Stand Out in Any Flower Arrangement

Yellow lilies are absolutely brilliant and they appear even more so when put in an arrangement that contains other beautiful flowers like tuberoses, geranium and dahlias. While the wedding bouquet will grab attention with all its uniqueness, the yellow trumpet lilies will continue to be the focal point in the arrangement. The pink lilies, on the other hand, should be paired with peonies spray roses to make up an absolutely stunning wedding bouquet. The pink petals of the flower will perfectly complement the joys and the sentiments of the bride.

Make Lilies a Part of Dark Floral

Whenever you send flowers to someone and prefer lilies for the purpose, you notice that though the bunch or bouquet looks beautiful, they somehow lack the vibrancy. Well, this is because lilies mostly come in light colours and pastel shades. However, when creating a wedding bouquet with lilies, you should put the light calla lilies with the deep red garden roses and the dark purple dahlias. The contrasting colour palette will make everyone drool over the bouquet the bride is holding in her hands.

So, try out these ideas and make the most of these beautiful flowers that lilies are. Choose a reputed floral delivery company in order to get the freshest and the best-quality flowers.

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