Know your love type

The mystery of love has intrigued many a great men, writers, philosophers, doctors and lovers themselves. One cannot really understand why there are butterflies in the stomach when you are in love or why one feels empowered. Though unique for every cupid's strike, we have tried to give a name to the kind of love you might be experiencing right now. See what fits you best and choose a gift that is not just appropriate but absolutely perfect!

Affectionate Love: Sailing Together

Cuddle is your favorite activity! Snuggling up to each other for warmth and afternoons are usually spent lazing in front of the television and in each other's arms. You are most comfortable with each other and feel left out in a crowd without the other. You are the sweet and affectionate couple who are meant to be with each other.

Best Suited Category: Roses

Platonic Love: Paradise Found

You wouldn't be with anyone but each other. You are bonded by heart and your meeting is not by chance but by divine intervention. You can't stop thinking of each other when apart and long to meet. Just catching a sight of her fills you with happiness and you believe you are born only to take care of him.

Best Suited Category: Flowers

Friends in Love: Walking Over The Moon

You are the fun guys who can talk about anything under the sun! You are a perfect match and you are often surprised at how similar you are! A perfect date for you is doing things you both love doing together, be it fishing or going on a long drive. You are most comfortable with each other and 'fun' is the ultimate agenda.

Best Suited Category: Plants

Romantic Love: Musical Notes

This is love that happens often but when happens, pauses your world. All you think of all day is each other! The times spent together are beautiful and usually spent over candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach and endless conversations. It's a dream you don't want to end ever.

Best Suited Category: Romantic Flowers

Puppy Love: Eye Candy

Your love has just happened and you can't stop thinking about it. You are in love with love just as much as you are in love with your love! You are absolutely smitten by each other and you are never apart as you are always thinking about each other and love gifting each other the choicest of gifts.

Best Suited Category: Cakes

Admiration: P.S. I Love You

There is someone you admire and the admiration and turned into love. But you have no idea if he/she has the same feelings for you. You would just do anything to impress her and she would love to listen to you all day! The person you admire is your muse and you wouldn't miss this opportunity to let them know you admire them like nobody else.

Best Suited Category: Gourmet and Gifts

Committed: Sunshine Forever

This is love that lasts forever. You know you are destined to be with each other and will do just that come what may. Nothing can deter your love for her and her love for you. Arguments and misunderstandings crop up now and then but you overcome them in no time at all. You are made for each other.

Best Suited Category: Mixed Arrangements

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