Wedding Bouquet Ideas With Roses

Wedding Bouquet Ideas With Roses

Weddings are incomplete without flowers. The beautiful blossoms of different kinds are what make a wedding décor look absolutely breathtaking. While some flowers are good for décor, some others are best-suited for the bride to hold them as she walks the aisle. Now, the one particular type of flower that is a must when it comes to practically all the wedding-related purposes is definitely the rose. Roses, especially red roses, are extensively used in the wedding bouquets and are also the preferred gifts for anyone who decides to send roses to the new couple.

Wedding Bouquet Designs Depend on the Type of Roses

Now, wedding bouquets can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. If you are keen on exploring newer ways of decking up a wedding bouquet, you have to be aware of the different types of roses used for the purpose. While there are hundreds of flowers out there, roses are considered to be the most beautiful blossoms that perfectly complement the essence of a marriage. Roses also symbolize love and everlasting bonding, which are precisely the underlying sentiments in a wedding. Let’s look at some of the most common roses that can be the perfect gift for someone who is starting their new life.

The Hybrid Tea Rose Bouquet

The hybrid roses are the most common type found in most bouquet of roses. These roses are beautiful and stunning as much in a bunch as that of a single blossom. The hybrid blooms are typically 3-5 inches wide with long stems, which is why, they make up for the classic styled wedding bouquets. The high centres, the thick velvety petals and the variety of colours make them ideal for wedding gifts.

The Sweetheart Rose Bouquet

The sweetheart roses are petite blooms that are typically not more than 2-3 inches wide. These roses are perfect for boutonniere work, centrepieces and flower crowns for the bride. When you order yellow roses online, you mostly come across these sweetheart roses. As part of wedding bouquets, the sweetheart roses should be blended with their larger counterparts to strike variety and visual interest. The colour range of these roses is simply amazing with the traditional reds on the one hand and the somewhat unconventional soft lavenders and pastel pinks on the other.

The Spray Rose Bouquet

Spray roses are the even smaller variations of roses with multiple blooms attached to one primary stem. In wedding bouquets, these roses work wonders as filler flowers because of their widely varying size ranging between 3.5 to 5.5 inches. The spray roses, as part of the bouquets, are also great for adding texture to the arrangement. The contrast of the open and closed buds is what makes these roses look so fascinating. This variety also has an incredibly sweet fragrance and is found in a wide variety of colours.

The Garden Rose Bouquet

Garden roses are the larger variety of roses with more lush. The larger ones can be about 6 inches wide. These roses are fluffy and extremely beautiful. With a few stems only, a wedding bouquet with garden roses can appear full and elegant. That being said, these roses are also the costliest though you need very few of them for using in any purpose whatsoever.

So, the next time you are about to buy red roses online, make sure exploring all the varieties and choosing the best.

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