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Why Flowers Are The Best Gift For Ailing Loved Ones

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Flower power is more than just a catchy phrase! Fresh flowers often have immense healing power and can be a great gift for someone who is suffering from a long illness or recovering from one. The bright colours, the sweet fragrances and the lush shapes can do wonders to improve a patient’s mental and physical state. Moreover, you can now send flowers online to a loved one who is not well, even if he or she is sitting miles away in a far off country! And you will also find a variety of flowers to pick from. So, here is a close look at the different ways flowers can help an ailing individual, even if he or she is coping with a serious life-threatening condition.

Flowers reduce stress

A bunch of beautiful and colourful flowers can help lower blood pressure and anxiety, and make the recipient feel less stressed. That is because the different hues and the charming natural shapes can soothe his or her mind easily and quickly. Flowers represent positivity and give hope.

Flowers help one think better

Sweet floral fragrances encourage the patient to breathe in deeply and slowly. This relaxes his or her muscles and calms the mind, so that they can think more clearly and feel inspired. Pleasant fragrances bring good memories and motivate the sufferer to focus on the positives in life.

Flowers encourage you to value life

Flowers are the best examples of nature’s bounty. They come in different sizes, shapes, hues and scents, and help the sufferer appreciate the fact that nature is teeming with life. The very sight of a bouquet of radiant flowers is enough to make a patient feel that life is worth living. Consequently, he or she will feel better and will try harder to get well soon.

Flowers make the sufferer feel special

When your loved one is ailing, making him or her feel special is the best gift you can give. And flowers are definitely the best way to go in this regard, as they convey your warm wishes, concern and love. Gifting anything else like chocolates, cookies or snacks might not be a wise idea when someone is coping with an illness. You never know, it might have adverse effects. Instead, you can be on the safe side with some gorgeous flowers.

What flowers to choose as gifts?

There is a wide variety of get well flower arrangements that you can pick from these days. Gerbera daisies are often a very good floral gift for patients, as they come in brilliant shades of yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. They look cheerful and last for a week easily. A bunch of pink or purple peonies is also a great idea as they look charming and convey heartfelt emotions. You can also send across a lovely bouquet of multicoloured tulips in yellow, red, pink and purple. They look graceful, tall and very hopeful. Carnations, sunflowers and orchids are also thoughtful gifts for someone who is not well.  Sunflowers especially are bursting with energy and will infuse warmth and happiness into the patient.

Flowers that should not be gifted to allergy sufferers

Flowers from the daisy family like dahlias, gerberas, sunflowers, chrysanthemums and asters are the ones which usually cause allergic reactions in those who are susceptible. So, if you know that the recipient is allergic, stick to roses, tulips and carnations. You can also find out beforehand if the loved one suffers from any particular. You can then send a gift accordingly.  

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