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wild flower seed

It is very interesting fact that many beautiful flowers around us are Wild Flowers. It is thus quite natural that anyone would love to grow wild flowers in their backyards. And so there has been a lot of demand for wild flower seeds as a result of which many wild flower seed shops are blooming.

Evaluation of the site is the first step towards reaping the results out of planting wild flower seeds. Wildflowers thrive in an environment which is able to provide them with the necessary basics for survival (sun, soil and water). They are each different with each one having their own needs and it is important that these needs are evaluated and provided for. To do this an evaluation of what you have is essential. Do you have a limestone glade, a wet bog, open woods, or prairie? Will direct sunlight be available to the plant for the full day, part of the day, or not at all? Is the area low lying where water will be readily available or is it located in a high dry spot? These evaluative steps should be done very methodically to allow you to match the correct plants to your area, plants that will thrive in the conditions provided.

Next step is to prepare your site to sow the wild flower seeds. Preparing the area for a new planting is sometimes very time consuming and labor intensive but will provide tremendous rewards in the years to come. Any invasive alien species should be removed prior to planting native species. This may be achieved by hand pulling or spot treatment with herbicide. When planting native species in an existing crop field or disturbed area It may be necessary to remove any existing weeds and non-native species which compete with the native wildflowers for sun, water and nutrition from the soil, before planting wild flower seeds.

One method is to plow or disc the area in the spring to kill the existing vegetation followed by shallowly disking the area every few weeks during the summer as new weed seeds germinate. A second method is the use of a chemical herbicide. Read and follow all instructions when using any herbicide. Use the safest herbicide available and in the lowest amounts possible to achieve the objective while doing the least damage to the environment.

Winter is reported to have been the best time for planting the wild flower seeds. The idea of planting wild flower seeds in winter makes sense because the soil is still not frozen but the freezing and thawing of the air will help the seeds break dormancy and begin the establishment of basil rosettes of leaves that will later anchor lovely wild flowers like gaillardia, larkspur, poppies and coneflowers. This is how many perennials look the first year but sowing wild flower seeds in winter will increase their chances of blooming the first year. Many flowers seeds need the gradual cooling and warming of the soil to germinate, in fact there are many flowers like larkspur, batchelors' button, corn poppies, Coreopsis, all looking for soil which is first hot (when the seeds drop to the ground in summer), then cooling to colder conditions before they can germinate.

There are many flower shops these days selling wild flower seeds. It is advisable to choose a well reputed store or wild flower seed farm for the best results from your wild flower seed purchase. Here is a list of some of the trust-worthy sources, one can rely on with respect to wild flower seeds-