Wood violet or Viola papilionacea, became the state flower of Wisconsin on June 4, 1949. Wood Violet is also the state flower for Illinois, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. The wood violet is a small commonly seen flower in meadows areas, along roadsides. The Wood violets are very popular in the eastern United States. The wood violet flowering plant emerges directly from the rhizomes, and forming a basal rosette.


Wood violet flowers are irregular in shape. Wood violet flowers are Deep blue/purple or violet sometimes almost white with blue markings. Wood violet flowers have side petals having beards or tuffs near the center of the flower. There are 5 petals in which lower one is longer and spurred, and the 2 petals having fine hairs. The flower grows on its own stem. There are also special flowers that stay near the ground and do not open, but they still produce seeds. The blooming season is early spring and continue into early fall.

  • Wood Violet plant is a herbaceous plant.
  • The Wood violet plant is smooth, having flowers and leaves on separate stalks.
  • Wood Violet stem is a stout, thick, having elongated caudex.
  • Wood Violet plant have basal leaves.
  • Each heart shaped leaf of the wood violet plant is bluntly toothed and born on long stem.
  • The leaves of the wood violet plant contains vitamins A and C.
  • The Wood violet flowers are more often used in candies and jellies.
  • The Wood violet root system consists of thick, horizontally branched rhizomes for the formation of vegetative colonies.

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The Capital City of Wisconsin is Madison. Wisconsin entered the Union on May 29, 1848. The Wisconsin state flag law was amended in 1979 to include the name of the state and the date of statehood.

  • Bordering States of Wisconsin state are Minnesots, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan.
  • Nicknames of Wisconsin state are Badger State / America's Dairyland.
  • Wisconsin state is located between 43.044N, 89.409W of the U.S.
  • Total land area of Wisconsin state is 65503 sq.mi.
  • Wisconsin's economy depends upon Agriculture: cheese, dairy products, cattle, hogs, vegetables, corn, cranberries; Industry: Machinery, food processing, paper products, electric equipment, fabricated metal products, tourism.
  • Wisconsin state known as the Beer Capital of the United States.
  • Wisconsin is first in cheese production in the U.S.
  • The University of Wisconsin, Madison is one of the world's leading centers in the research and development of biotechnology.
  • Wisconsin's educational system, is the finest in the country including primary, secondary, and post-secondary schooling.
  • Major Industries in Wisconsin state are Dairy Farming, Paper Production, Nonelectric Machinery Manufacturing (Engines, Turbines, Farm Machinery, etc.)
  • Historical Site which can be seen is The Circus World Museum at Baraboo.
  • Interesting points in Wisconsin state are The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore; Ice Age National Scientific Reserve; the Wolf, St. Croix, and Lower St. Croix national scenic riverways; and the Wisconsin Dells.