Flowers That Will Make Women's Day Special


Women are special and unique, and this is why womanhood is celebrated every year on March 8th across the world. Recognised as International Women’s Day , it holds special significance. It is a celebration of women’s achievements, a tribute to their struggles and an appreciation for their efforts in making the society a better place.

We all have women in our lives who hold a significant place. Why not make this day special for them in our own way by sending flowers – a symbol of beauty, strength, freshness, fragrance, vibrancy, elegance and cheer, so similar to the traits that every woman exudes.  

Make the most of spring

Women’s day falls in the spring season when flowers are in their full blooms. This is the time when you get the most in terms of variety. Roses, tulips, orchids, carnations, gerberas, peonies and chrysanthemums are some of the gorgeous and fresh flowers that you can opt for. Most of the online flower shops offer you incredible bouquets of these blooms, they also have options to customise as per the preference of the buyer. Buy a bouquet of your favourite blooms, packaged beautifully and get it delivered to that special person. With online shopping, you can easily send flowers to any part of the globe.

The timeless elegance of roses:

Roses are mostly the first choice when it comes to gifting flowers. They are available in all kinds of colours, each beautiful in its own way. A bouquet of red roses or a mix of red and white or white and pink, purple or orange are the perfect Women’s Day gift.

Go bright with Yellow:

Bright yellow flowers have a magical appeal. Yellow carnations, roses, lilies add warmth and vibrancy to any occasion.Yellow is the colour of the spring and so yellow flowers are much preferred during this time of the year. 

A basket of mixed flowers:

What more is needed than a bunch of flowers in a medley of colours and variety to mark a special event or occasion. Add daisies, irises, lilies and tulips to your bunch to create a beautiful arrangement.  

Flowers in pink:

Tulips, hydrangeas and carnations in shades of pink are an excellent choice for a Women’s Day bouquet. Pink instantly brightens up the spirits and is beautiful to look at.

The Mimosa Flower:

In many ways, the mimosa flower is the true symbol of Women’s Day, especially in Italy. The yellow mimosa, with its wavy, spread-out pattern is considered as a sign of admiration and respect, making it ideal for gifting on the occasion of International Women’s day. 

A bouquet of fresh flowers is perhaps the best Woman’s Day gift for your mom, sister or friend and also an excellent way to celebrate their womanhood. Select a bouquet of your choice from a reputed online store or create your own bouquet with a wide selection of flowers available on the online floral stores. With convenient selection and secured payment options, surprising your loved ones by sending flowers online is an effortless process.

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