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How to Choose a Wreath for Your Grandmother's Funeral

How to Choose a Wreath for Your Grandmother's Funeral

It is indeed sad when someone you have always adored and loved leaves this world. And, if the person is your grandmother, then with her, a part of you is gone too because grandmothers play a crucial role in bringing us up. Since there is nothing else to do apart from mourning and keeping her alive in your heart, you can focus on the very last thing that you can gift her soul on her funeral. Funeral wreaths are the flower arrangements typically associated with funerals. They come in the shape of a circular design and comprise a few chosen flowers. Here is all about getting the ideal funeral flowers for grandmother and bidding her a final goodbye with a perfect wreath.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Funeral Wreath

If it is your grandmother’s funeral then it can be assumed that you are among the ones who are organizing the funeral. It is also quite obvious that you know which are your grandmother’s favourite flowers and blossoms. Now, funeral, in spite of being a sad occasion, is also a celebration of the life of the deceased. Therefore, you should pick the flowers that your grandmother was especially fond of.

The second most important factor to consider is the colour theme of the funeral. Wreaths are usually of light pink, white and other light colours but if the theme of the occasion is deliberately made to be a bit positive, you can experiment a bit with bright coloured flowers as well.

Not all flowers are suitable for a funeral. The family flowers for funeral include some specific ones like the carnation, roses, lily and gerbera. It is not just the colour scheme of these flowers but also the messages they represent and communicate that make them suitable for funerals. Some of the other types of flowers that are not too common but yet lead to beautiful wreaths are aster, gladiolus, delphinium, daisy and of course, chrysanthemums.

Types of Wreaths Suitable for Your Grandmother’s Funeral

Following are some of the fascinating funeral wreaths that are readily available and can be considered for the occasion:

A Classic White Wreath is a popular one boasting an elegant design with white roses, carnations and wax flowers.

A Classic Pink Wreath is similar in style as the white wreath. The only difference is that they have a pinkish tinge by virtue of the flowers such as pink carnations, roses, statice and chrysanthemums.

The Rose Trio Heart has a more personalized design owing to the heart shape of the wreath. Only roses of various colours like red, pink and white are used for this wreath, which works well in lifting up the mood of those who are deeply grieved and mourning.

A White Lily Wreath, as the name suggests, is made primarily with lilies. Carnations and chrysanthemums are among the other flowers in this arrangement. The wreath echoes purity and elegance to the maximum possible extent.

When you pick flowers for funeral home, just make sure that they are as fresh and full bloomed as possible. Also, do not forget to add a funeral note, which is usually meant for the family of the deceased but in this case, can be for the departed soul of your grandmother too, right from the bottom of your heart.

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